The Fun of Child Dress Ups

Pretend Play Fun. Today I Want To Be…

child dress ups - pretend play

Most young children love to dress up. Child dress ups as a form of pretend play can bring even the shyest of children out of their protective shell.

Whether it involves having their face painted, wearing a fancy costume or just putting a sheet over their head, it is their way of being someone else and exploring role play.

A dressing up box is a worthwhile investment which you can keep adding to as you acquire new costumes for parties and special events.

You might like to find a blanket box or a large old suitcase to decorate with your children to put all of their dress ups into. 

Some suggestions for the dress ups box include-

Special Oufits– fairy wings, tulle skirts, superhero costumes

Headwear– old glasses (remove the lenses!), wigs, assortment of hats, can even make antennae using hairbands with pipecleaners!

Bits and Bobs– jewellery, old watches, belts, gloves, handbags

Old Clothes– oversized clothes and shoes of your own or from thrift stores

Something Special– feather boas, wands, swords, sequins, fake fur, face paints

Homemade Outfits– wrap-around cloaks, modified pieces of material and hats, foil covered cardboard police badges, mum’s make-up (on special occasions!) 
Find an old curtain for a ballgown, a raincoat and boots for a fireman (can also wear the police badge!), a length of tulle for a bride or ballerina- most scraps of material that you have can be used in some way. Even the tiniest square of material I have manages to become a blanket for teddy or doll of some description.

*TIP- For younger kids you might want to replace buttons with velcro so that they can change without always requiring adult help.

Good sources for child dress ups are opportunity shops, garage sales, flea markets and of course your own wardrobe!! My kids love dressing up their teddies as well which just requires old baby clothes of the right size.

Make a Story
Using the ideas that inspire your child through dressing up to create a story that you act out together. Boxes and other household items can be used as props and the story can be as simple or nonsensical as your child allows it to be. 

Let your imagination run wild!

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