Child Party Game

Let’s Race

A tried and trusted
child party game has always been in the form of a race. Racing games
come in many different varieties, many of them being around for
generations. Races that require pairs or teams can be used to help
children get to know each other and work together. Most require little
planning, just an understanding of the rules, a couple of props and a
start and finish line.

Some kids aren’t ever
going to win racing games so make sure you include other games where you
have some control over the winner (pass the parcel) or avoid giving out
prizes altogether. Most kids are pretty happy with what they take home
in their goody/loot bag.

Racing Games for Kids

Here’s the list, you can pick and choose the racing games depending on the ages of the kids at the party, and how much room you have..

then children into pairs and stand them back-to-back, locking arms at
the elbows. The must run from one line to another, face the other way
and run back again.

Crocodile Race
the children into two teams. To form a crocodile they need to squat
down behind one another and hold on to the person in front. The
crocodile moves by making little jumps or bounces and if any of the
children lose contact they must reassemble with the front person going
to the back before they can continue.

Sack Race
each child with a sack in the form of a pillowcase or potato sack. The
children need to stand inside their sack and jump their way from the
start to the finish line. First one over the line is the winner.

Egg and Spoon
child gets a hard-boiled egg and a spoon. Must balance the egg on the
spoon while running. For older kids can make it that they return to the
start if they drop their egg. Replace eggs with small potatoes for
younger kids.
Doughnut Eating Race
A race for even the most non-athletic kids!
lengths of string from a clothesline, one for each player. Tie a
doughnut to the end of each line. Each length needs to be adjusted so
that each child has to stand on tip-toe to reach his/her doughnut. With
hands behind backs the children have to race to see who can eat their
doughnut first.

Drop the Hankerchief
form a well-spaced circle facing inwards. Whoever is ‘it’ runs around
the outside of the circle with a hankerchief which can be dropped at any
time behind another child. Once a player discovers the hankerchief she
then chases ‘it’ around the circle in an attempt to beat them to the
vacant space. Whoever gets to the space first joins the circle and the
other person becomes ‘it’ for the next round.
Sing ‘A Tisket, A Tasket’ as the game goes on.

Duckling Race / Teddybear Race
straight race but the children have be in a waddling position with
their ‘wings’ flapping. Any duckling losing balance must return to a
waddling position before continuing the race. Another straight race is a
teddybear race where the children carry their teddybear’s on their

Hot Potato Relay
are divided into two teams with each team getting a basket and spoon.
Each team member needs to run with the spoon and use it to pick up a
potato which they have balance back to the basket at the starting line.
The spoon is then passed to the next player who does the same. Make sure
the potatoes are well spaced.

Overpass, Underpass
are split into two teams and each form a line. They have a selection of
objects which have to be passed first along raised hands from the first
to the last player in the line. Once the object reached the end it has
to come back to the front through legs. To win the game the teams can
start passing a second object while the first is still travelling. This
will quicken the pace and fun of the game. The winning team is the one
that gets all the objects back to the start the fastest.

Tortoise Race
can be used or the children can crawl, hop or simply walk. From the
starting line the children need to move towards the finish line as
slowly as possible but without stopping. They need to move in a straight
line, and anyone who stops is out of the race. The slowest person wins.

Three-Legged Race
a scarf or large hankerchief to tie legs together. The pair must race
as a three-legged person to the finish line. A practice period will help
children to get used to being a three-legged person.

Water Race
the children into teams with each team forming a line. At the head of
each line is an empty bucket with a line drawn across (somewhere around
the middle). Some distance away is a bucket full of water. The frst
member has a plastic mug with which they must run to the full bucket and
collect a mug of water. The player runs back and pours the water into
the empty bucket. The first team to reach the marker on the bucket is
the winner.
Children will probably get wet, so best to do on a warm day and have some towels handy.

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