Christmas Window Decorations

Sparkly Xmas Baubles

These gorgeous Christmas window decorations are really easy and inexpensive to make. They do however involve pins, so are suitable for kids probably aged about 6 years an upwards. 

They can probably be hung on a tree, but we think that they are so lovely that they deserve pride of place in the window. 

simple and cheap Christmas window decorations

To make these simple Xmas baubles you need to buy

  • varied sized foam balls (start with small ones) – they cost only a couple of dollars for a packet of about 12.
  • colored sequins, short beads and long beads (we bought these all in one kit for under $4- and have plenty left over for more beaded creations)
  • pins
  • thread and small hook for hanging
making our own Christmas decorations

D.I.Y Christmas Decorations – great craft activity for kids 6 years and up 

To Make these Crafty Christmas Decorations

Grab one of the foam balls, I suggest you start with a smaller ball so that you can get an idea of how long they take to make. A small ball will take about an hour, and bigger balls will take longer, so you may want to create them over a couple of sessions. 

Take a pin and the order in which you thread is, small bead, long bead, and then a sequin. Push the pin into the foam ball and slowly add more sequins, trying not to leave too much white space between sequins.

You can make a ball of one color like the purple one featured here, or multicolored balls look great too (see below). 

Make your own Christmas baubles

Christmas bauble ‘under construction’ – you can see the order in which the pins are threaded – small bead, long bead, sequin.

These hand made decorations take a little bit of time, so plan to do them over a couple of sessions. They are worth the effort as they look fantastic and your kids will be proud of the finished result. 

handcrafted Xmas decoration - great for kids into craft

To hang your completed Xmas bauble, simply thread some cotton or fishing line onto a needle and tie off. I found really tiny screw hooks that twisted into the window frame with two or three twists of the wrist. 

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