Kids Collage Ideas

Snipping, Ripping and Pasting

you are looking for collage ideas for a young child, you might like to
start small and gradually build your way up to more complicated

are several skills which your child will need to gradually progress
through before he can undertake a collage project unassisted.

first is snipping, the second dropping and finally pasting. By the time
your child is 4 or 5 years old he should have progressed right through
the stages and can combine these skills for different craft and collage

are quite difficult tools for toddlers to use. They require your
toddler to both hold a piece of paper as well as manage a pair of

kids collage ideas - learning to cut and paste

Firstly provide thin strips of paper that she can ‘snip’
across in a single cut. Gradually widen the strips so they require
several ‘snips’ across. You can then teach her how to tear strips of
newspaper. To begin with just ripping along lines you have drawn,
gradually getting more complex, ripping around headlines and boxes. Now
you can combine the two skills- get her to cut along lines, around
corners and eventually around complete shapes.

This process may sound simple and straighforward but will require
patience and probably a good amount of demonstrating on your part. Make
it fun for her with every attempt being a step in the right direction.

is the term used for a variety of collage materials which can be
attached with glue. Lighter dropping materials include- sand, paper,
glitter, seeds, coffee, rice, egg shells and various found materials
like petals, autumn leaves. Heavier dropping materials include- noodles,
split peas and lentils. Heavier drops will require PVA glue and you
will need to let the piece dry before shaking off the excess. Lighter
drops can use flour paste (see below).

**Flour paste
a handful of flour, pinch of salt, add water slowly, stirring
constantly. When it’s gooey it’s ready to use. Can be stored in the
fridge in a jar.

can use a drawn image to drop onto or make patterns out of different
materials. For younger children, allow them to apply the paste all over
and then use a plate to cover different areas (the areas you want to
protect!) as you do drops.

your child has had some experience with cut and paste style activities
you can provide them with their own glue stick or small pot of glue.
Initially they will want to cover the whole page, the greatest skill is
in learning how much glue is enough which requires your ongoing
encouragement and assistance.

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