Competition Prizes

Competition Prizes

A Great Read for Parents

“This is one book that will be taken off the shelf over and over again” (Mandy Abbott – mother of two and kindergarten teacher)

Turning Tears into Laughter: Creative Discipline for the Toddler and Preschool Years by Lou Harvey-Zahra (published by Five Mile Press) is a unique book in today’s parenting book market, covering the popular topic of the toddler and preschool years.

Each chapter leads parents to a greater understanding of children’s behaviours and how to achieve appropriate behaviours in a positive and creative manner.

Turning Tears into Laughter… covers most, if not all, areas where toddler tantrums and tears are common, from bath time to bed time, sharing toys to car journeys. Creative Discipline techniques can transform ‘tears into laughter’, holding the power to positively change family life.

Turning Tears into Laughter… includes tried and tested real life stories, tips, reflections, and beautiful photographs to create for the reader an easy reading and practical appeal.

Creative Discipline techniques result in the following: simple solutions to inappropriate behaviours; a learning environment that is fun and nurturing for the young child; support for the child’s self esteem; a greater understanding of the child’s needs, since the system goes to the root of the behaviour; a reduction in tantrum, tears and hurt feelings; the child learning positive skills for life; prevention of behaviours escalating; a safe and predictable environment for young children; happy families where each person feels included and valued.

“Unique and powerful, a real life Mum with real life strategies and answers. Put the ideas from this book into motion and improve your family’s life.” Bridy (co-author of ‘Low to No Additives Family Cookbook’) and Gary Fulvio

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Could you use this book?
Just about all of us could do with some parenting help now and then. This is a book you will refer to over and over again!

We are giving away two copies of Turning Tears into Laughter, one each to the winner and runner-up for each and every cakes contest held on Kids Fun and Games.

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