Dog Cake- ” Big Brute “

Dog Cake- ” Big Brute “

by Charles


Dog Cake - Big Brutus

Dog Cake – Big Brutus

Well Let me start by saying that this is not the most beautiful cake ever baked but it was baked and designed with all the love our family ( especially the birthday boy, my son Charles) Had for our family Dog..
Brutus !

Although Brutus recently left to go play on that Doggy Farm where old dogs go to rest, My son Chuck was insistent that Big Brute (what I called Him) Share in his 8th Birthday celebration.

A little apprehensive at first about trying to design a Brutus cake I must admit I tried to talk Chuck into getting a Bakery manufactured cake with a dog that he didn’t know on it ,but He would Have none of it.

Then I even found a Bakery that you could bring a picture of the pet and have them recreate the photo on the Cake,Still he would have none of that. When I suggested This Brilliant Idea to my 7year old son he looked at me with a look that said You just don’t understand Dad…

So we put on our aprons, set up our ingredients and went to work and you know what my son taught me a thing or two that day and that being Just because that special someone or something is No longer right there physically in front of you, they should Still be cherished and respected like the gift they were and will continue to be if only in our memories.

By Charles Jr. Inspired by my son Charles III .

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by: Anonymous

I am glad that you went with this cake. Its awesome. Brutus looks like my daughters doggy. Good job.

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