Easy Kids Easter Crafts – Paper Bunnies and Chicks

Cute Bunnies and Chicks 

We made these gorgeous easy kids Easter crafts – paper bunnies and chicks using egg cartons and some origami paper that we had around the house. 

These easy easter crafts can be adapted to suit kids of different ages – the preschoolers can be painters for you, and older kids will be able to make these from start to finish. 

Easter paper crafts for kids

Spring Paper Bunnies and Chicks

What you’ll need

  • Egg cartons
  • Paint
  • Colored paper or origami paper
  • Plastic eyes, or you can draw your own

Cut out your egg cups so that they sit flat and get the kids to paint them whatever colors you like – we did yellow for chicks and white for bunnies.

 While the paint dries on your bodies, you can cut out ears and feet for your bunnies, and wings and feet for your chicks. 

Once the paint is dry you can draw on facial features, stick on eyes and paste on the feet, ears and wings. To get the wings to sit flat we gave them a little fold before glueing them to the side of the egg cup. 

Allow to dry and then you can display your cute paper bunnies and chicks with some dyed eggs as a part of your festive Easter display. 

easy Easter paper crafts for kids - cute rabbits

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