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Learning Websites for Kids

Educational online games can test anything from memory or concentration through to general knowledge. Kids can practice their counting skills, learn their ABC’s or a host of other skills that provide learning as well as fun for your kids.

Depending on the age of your kids and the websites they have been visiting, they have probably been playing plenty on plenty of educational websites already as most quality websites for kids contain key educational concepts.

educational online games

National Geographic Kids 

The site to visit for the young explorer in your house with great educational fun for kids online. Join the GEOBee challenge which poses five new questions every day which your kids can have a crack at 

There are quizzes to check knowledge on all sorts of animal and geographical facts. Plenty of dinosaur facts and games for kids of all ages. Offline activities. crafts, cooking and science experiments- all with an animal/monstery twist. and coloring pages. 

Word games and the Cartoon Factory where kids can add their own words to a funny picture. Homework help- like an online encyclopaedia with featured subjects to learn about from animals, geography, history, culture to science and nature.

Scholastic Online 

This great site has plenty of educational fun for kids. An Interactive Weather Maker- to learn how weather conditions are created, best of all the kids are in command! The Firefly Bubble game will challenge them to match the pairs in unique ways- it even had me playing just for the challenge!

Homework Hub has plenty of tips and tricks to ace the next test looming.  Getting organised, researching and practice are all covered- along with Tip Of The Day. Plenty of features on popular books aswell as loads on Harry Potter- printables, screensavers, videos, everything the budding Harry Potter fan could want!

BBC Schools

The BBC Schools Website is divided into aged sections- 4-11, 11-16 and 16+ giving a wide range of activities, projects and games. Most activities for younger kids come with information for parents/teachers to help understand how the game fits in with the childs level of learning.

For older kids it is strictly down to business with help on all major subjects.
For preschoolers you are pointed directly to CBeebies.

Kid Wizard

Kid Wizard is a fun, educational place where kids ages six to twelve can play games, solve mysteries, create slimy potions, and find out that magic does exist.

The site explains the science behind the spells giving kids an opportunity to get slimy and gooey while also sneaking in some education.

FE Kids

A visually appealing website, with site navigation that works in 3D which kids will love. Kids can choose between SchoolHelp or Goof-Off Time, but even the games in the goof-off section lean towards general knowledge, words and spelling, and math making goofing-off educational too!

Homework Help directs you to Fact Monster giving online facts, encyclopaedias and references for kids needing homework help.

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