Free Crafts for Kids

Setting Up a Busy Box

Before setting up to do any  free crafts for
kids we suggest finding a good work space where your kids can enjoy
doing their craft activities, as well as starting a collection of
‘goodies’ for your Busy Box, this ensures all your kids craft activities remain FREE because you’ll always have a good supply of ‘stuff’ for your crafting!

children spend a substantial amount of their time indoors so creating a
clean and safe work area for them will make it easier to set them up
with projects to do and have them more inclined to want to use that

The area needs to be set up for potential spills and splashes. It
may even be worth considering moving certain activities to an outdoors
area if you are concerned about marks on your floor, and if the weather permits.

free crafts for kids

The Busy Box

A craft box or busy box, as we call it in my household, is an
essential store for all your recycled materials for your child craft
projects. It can be added to constantly so that when the next project
commences the materials are all there. You will quickly discover what
great recyclers your kids are. I now have a hard time throwing out any
of our recycling as my daughter is always picking out items for her next
craft project!

The best thing about the busy box is that it is always
being used and it makes all our child crafts free!

free crafts for kids - busy box

Ideas for the busy box include- aluminum
foil and pie dishes, beads, bottle tops, cardboard- cylinders, egg
carton and assorted boxes, cellophane, chalk, colorful candy and
chocolate wrappers, corks, cotton reels, fabric scraps, feathers, left
over gift wrapping, glitter, leaves, paint sample squares, paperbags,
paperclips, pebbles, pine cones, pipecleaners, ribbons, seeds and pods,
sequins, straws, styrofoam, stickers, string, wool, buttons

can see most of these items float through our lives on a regular basis
so it is just a matter of being a bit more selective with your
recycling. Individual or groups of items can be stored in clear takeaway
containers or jars and then into your busy box, whether it be an
arrangement of wicker baskets, a large sewing basket, or even a
converted toy chest.

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