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Adventure, mystery and fun for school aged kids!

If your kids are school aged and are looking for free online kids games
then the choice is not always easy. There are heaps of kids websites
out there, some good and some not so good! We’ve dug out some of the top
quality ones just for you.

for school aged kids are structured a little differently to those aimed
at preschoolers. They are generally laid out by age but also by topic-
science, math, reading, games and so on. Blogs are also featured- giving
quirky facts and information for kids. Teachers and parents are usually
seen as part of the ‘community’ with lesson plans available as is the
educational relevance of games and activities.

To many a parents surprise many of the free kids online games you find do have educational merit.


Aimed at kids 6 and over, Poptropica allows them to easily create their
own character to go exploring with. There are 4 ‘islands’ in which to
play. Characters do all sorts of cool moves, flips, jumps and
somersaults and are able to ‘safely’ chat with other players, and play
games like basketball hoops, skydiving or paintwars.

Kids can also
play games or explore on their own. To play two-player games, kids need
to be reading in order to select from either of the responses. Simple
and fun games, but kids also have the challenge of playing against other
players. Lots of areas to explore. My 7 year old is hooked!!

Poptropicas keeps adding new islands to give kids new challenges.

Astro Nights– construct a space ship in order to save the kidnapped princess who is being held hostage in deep space!
Too cool! Can you save the princess?

Reality TV Island– star in your own reality TV show and come out the champion!

Mythology Island – The Greek god, Zeus, needs a hero to go to the underworld, could it be you!


A well laid out site
with plenty of options for kids from kinder right up to Grade 8. Funblog
has fun factual stuff that has even been divided into a boys and girls

The best way to find a particular activity is to select the age
group and scroll through the large selection of games, or to be more
specific, type in a topic for a refined search. My Grade Book and the
Quizlab are for paid members and aim to improve student performance and
grades and increase communication between teachers and parents.

Kaboose Kids Domain

Features its own family friendly search engine. Kaboose features two distinct sections Funschool and Zeeks.

Go straight to
for 3-11 year olds where play and fun are integral to learning, and
plenty of trivia, fun and educational games and seasonal activities.
for 9-14 year olds who
are too cool for all that kiddy stuff! It has its own chat areas, polls,
Q & A with celebrities and an entertainment zone where they can
watch trailers for upcoming movies and see pics of their fave popstars.


Another clean, well
laid out site with over 30 games and activities to choose from. Fun
maths games like Lemonade Larry or Batter’s Up Baseball or board games
like checkers or connect the dots. Try the Hungry Caterpillar game which
is a test of hand-eye co-ordination as well as reflexes.

Moshi Monsters

My daughter’s current favorite!

Moshi Monsters is definitely for
kids who can read, and because of the ‘friends’ aspect, it is a good
opportunity to sit down with your child to talk about cyber-safety.

can adopt a monster, fool around with it’s colors to personalize it,
and then play games, meet friends and earn ‘rox’ (Moshi Money). All the
monsters make very cute noises, and have houses that can be decorated,
providing added appeal.

There is a ‘paid section’ where you get
exclusive access to extra games and your own Moshi Passport. Parents are
required to provide credit card details for this, and an email address for the initial
sign up process.

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