Girls Halloween Costumes

For girls Halloween costumes to stand out
they do not need to be expensive. It is often the most unique, but homemade Halloween costume that gets the most attention!

Easy Cape For ALL Occasions!

have also mentioned this dead-easy cape in the boys section because it
is so versatile and took me less than half an hour to make. The one that
I made for my kids has been used at Halloween, but also gets pulled out
for Kings, Queens, or anything remotely regal, as well as witch and
wizard adventures.

make an easy halloween cape

Simply buy about 3 feet (1.5m) of a
thin velvet in either black or dark purple (not the really expensive
stuff). If you can’t find that, just make sure it is a material that
won’t fray.

Cut out a cape shape, about the width of your child’s
collar-bone at the top and then flaring out nice and wide at the bottom.
Cut a thin length of the material, like a long shoelace to make the
neck-tie. Then all you need to do is sew the neck tie across the top of
the cape and it’s ready for action.

Easy Bat Wings

Again like the
cape, I made my daughter some bat wings, just using my common sense. (As
you can see I am not huge on using patterns!)
They’re not quite as
versatile as the cape, but still get more play time than many of the
bought costumes that we have in our dress-ups chest.

You’ll need to buy some non fraying
material and cut it to the shape of bat wings, roughly matching the
length of your child’s arms extended.
Measure your child’s wrist with
elastic, and make an elastic bracelet which will fit loosely around
their wrist as well as attaching to the end of the wings.

making these, I have thought that if I ever made another set I would
also sew around a neck tie so that the wings fit better across the

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