Simple Halloween Crafts

Easy Party Crafts for Kids and Toddlers

Halloween is a great holiday for kids Halloween crafts and also for a whole lot of fun party crafts!

Halloween party craft activities encourage imagination and creativity and in years to come the kids will associate their take-home crafts with memories of a great party.

All that is needed are some rough ideas on what the children can make and a supply of materials, most of which you will have around the house. Be sure to make the crafts appropriate to the children’s ages so that they don’t require too much help.

Halloween crafts can be as varied as making and decorating cookies, producing your own Halloween decorations, doing your own face-painting, or pumpkin decorating, without the carving ofcourse! The kids will love the challenge of creating something useable and will go home with so much more satisfaction than they could ever get from a bag of sweets.

Coloring and Stamping
the younger children having fun with Halloween themed stickers, stamps
and coloring books are all great activities for when you need the kids
to calm down after some frantic games. Best of all, the goodies can go
home with them in their loot bag.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders/Pumpkins
Using orange and black pipe cleaners have the children make little Halloween crafts that can be hung around the
house. Spiders and pumpkins are both easy.
Pipe cleaner spiders are best made using four hole buttons to thread the pipe cleaners through, and gluing googly
on as a finishing touch. You can also use different sized foam balls
which you will need to paint beforehand. They will easily attach to
synthetic spider webs in any available doorway.

Harvest Crafts

Autumn/Fall Leaves
are few different Halloween craft activities that the kids can do with
Fall leaves. Firstly you can take them out on an expedition to collect a
mix of leaf shapes, colors and textures that appeal to them.
The leaves can then be used to make-

Leaf Placemats
a display of leaves onto an A4 sheet of cardboard. Cover with clear
contact, or use a laminator if you have one for a long lasting placemat. The children can use pencils/paint
and crayons in harvest colors before glueing on the leaves for added

Leaf Bookmarks
Similar to a placemat but on a smaller scale. Cut a 2-inch-by-6-inch piece of thin cardboard in one color. Cut a slightly smaller piece of cardboard in a different color and glue the two together. Finish with leaves that have been pressed (to dry out) and cover with clear contact/adhesive film.

Leaf Rubbings
Fall/Autumn leaves can also be used so that children are more aware of their form and texture. After collecting
leaves, place a few under a shett of paper. Leave room between each leaf. Have the children gently rub over their page with soft crayons or pencils so that the shape and form of their leaves is slowly revealed.

Other Halloween Craft Party Activities

Hand-Print Spiders
A fun and simple Halloween craft for younger children.
If possible sit all the children around one table. Supply each child with a piece of paper, and show them how to dip their hand into a flat tray of black paint and print it onto their page, with fingers pointing out, leaving out the thumb.

They need to do both hands with the hands overlapping, giving the shape of a body and eight legs for a spider. Once dry you can glue on googly/wiggly eyes for a very cute result. After they have made their spider they will want to continue painting their own hand-print creations!

Horrible Edible Hands
These great edible Halloween crafts are perfect for take home goodies and they’re a healthy snack too.
All you need is some candy corn, clear plastic gloves (from beauty suppliers / pharmacies) and popped popcorn. Have the kids put a piece of candy corn inside the bottom of each finger of their gloves, these are the fingernails. Fill the glove with popcorn and use curling ribbon to tie a bow at the wrist.

Halloween Cookies
Bake and decorate sugar cookies using Halloween cookie cutters.
Depending on the size of the group, they can take turns at rolling the dough, cutting out Halloween shapes and listening out for the timer telling you it’s time to get them out of the oven. With royal icing, or even bought vanilla frosting, they can then decorate their creations and finish with licorice, candies, chocolate chips and sprinkles for hair, eyes and faces. Each child can take a couple home to show the family and the rest can be served during the party.

Ghost Paintings
For the littlies an easy Halloween craft idea is cut sponges into ghost shapes which they can then dip into paint and stamp onto paper.
Another simple but effective painting project involves dropping blobs of white or black paint onto paper. Use different colored papers to give a suitably Halloweenish result. Fold the sheet in half and when it is reopened a ghostly shape appears.

Make a Halloween Mask
super Halloween craft idea which the kids can keep for future Halloween
parties. Use paper plates a hole punch and scissors to cut a mask. Have
the children paint thier masks in a color to suit their chosen character.
Decorate with glitter glue, gel pens, markers, glue, odds and ends of fabric, feathers and so on. Using a stapler, fix a length of elastic to each maks so that the kids can model their masks (when dry) at the end of the party. Give prizes for scariest, funniest, most creative…

Pumpkin Decorating
If the kids are too young for pumpkin carving then there are many Halloween crafts involving pumpkins without the worry of carving.

  • Gourds- come in great shapes and can be decorated with acrylic paints or markers to make funny faces.
  • Decorating- You can also use a collection of real pumpkins in different shapes and sizes and have the kids decorate them with plastic
    googly eyes, fake hair, pipe cleaners, markers, stickers- whatever else
    takes your fancy. This activity can be adjusted to suit absolutely any
    age group.
  • Paper Mache-
    for older children is a great way to make pumpkins using newspaper over
    balloons. Once the paper has dried the balloon can be popped and the
    paper mache pumpkin decorated with paints. This project will need to be
    done over two days to allow for drying of the paper mache.

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