Halloween Invitations

For Your Next Halloween Party

To make your Halloween
party truly unique you can easily make your own Halloween invitations. The
invitations we have included here were simple and fuss free to create
and can be whipped up in an afternoon. If you have older kids they can
help you out with the cutting and pasting.

Stay posted we’ll soon be adding more Halloween invitations to our selection.

Concertina Invitations
These Halloween party invitations can be made with pumpkins, ghosts, bats or any other simple Halloween shape.

What You Need:

Colored paper(s)

out a 20 x 3inch strip of paper. Make a fold 21/2 inches from one end
and cotinue folding the paper back on itself until the entire strip is
pleated. Draw your picture on the front, making sure that it touches
both the left and right of the paper in at least one place.

This is
where the concertina holds together. Cut around your design, leaving the
edges intact. If you have any fiddly cutting to do (like eyes and
mouth) a sharp cutting blade will give a cleaner result than scissors.
Unfold and voila!
You can write directly onto the concertina or glue it to a card with the party details inside.

Ghostly Halloween Invitation

What You Need:

3×6 inch black card
orange paper
white paper
semi transparent paper/ tracing paper
silver ballpoint pen

a ghost onto the white paper, making sure that it will fit onto the
black card. With the tracing paper trace over the ghost drawing a shape
slightly larger that the original ghost, leave a tab at the top which
will be folded over and glued to the page. Trace a final ghost, this
time with orange paper, again slightly larger than the tracing paper

Glue the ghosts to the black card- orange first, then the white
ghost and finally the tracing paper ghost. The tracing paper ghost will
only be glued on the small tab which need to tuck under the white ghost
so that it is not visible. This gives a floating ghostly appearance.

add your party details using the silver pen. You can also add cobwebs
and spiders to the black card to add to the spookiness.

Peek-A-Boo Halloween Party Invitation
A simple but effective Halloween invitation that only requires a bit careful cutting and folding for effect.

What You Need:

3×5-inch card -can be colored
8-1/2×11-inch white paper
Tracing paper
White construction paper

the 3×5-inch index card in the middle of the sheet of 8-1/2×11-inch
paper. Trace around the sides and top so that you know where the written
part of the invitation will sit. This also forms the central body area
of your ghost.
Draw a head at the top and arms at the sides of the
tracing, making sure that the bottom section folds up leaving a space
for the word ‘BOO!’. The two side ‘arms’ will cover the ‘BOO!’ when
folded over.

Cut out, cutting a wavy edge along the bottom.

Write the party
information on the 3×5-inch card and glue it in the position where you
traced earlier. Draw on a face for the ghost and fold up the bottom
section and the ‘arms’.

Finally write ‘PEEK-A-‘ on the outside of the card.

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