Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Fun for Kids and Adults Alike!

For a fabulous display of Halloween pumpkin decorations you’ve got some serious pumpkin carving ahead!

But how can the kids be involved?

Halloween Pumpkin Fun For Kids

Pumpkins are an
essential part of your Halloween decorations around the house but the extent to which you
use them only ends with your imagination.

Here’s a few child friendly
pumpkin Halloween party ideas that the kids can get involved in without getting near a carving knife.

littlies can still help out with the pumpkin carving by being in charge of being the ‘chief scoopers’, removing
all the flesh and seeds from the pumpkin. They can even get the job of
separating the seeds from the flesh so that the seeds can be roasted for
a yummy savory snack.

Painted Pumpkins

a truly child-friendly Halloween activity and to grow your brood of Halloween pumpkin decorations, the kids will adore painting
pumpkins with smiley or spooky faces.

Further decoration can include fake hair, googly eyes,
stickers or markers. The kids will love creating spooky and scary
expressions for them!

Another way of decorating your house with
pumpkins is to cut out or buy pumpkin sponges and decorate them with
glitter and sparkles and hang them around the house. Great teamed up
with fairy lights as they will glitter even more!

Pumpkin Printables

Kids Fun and Games has a huge range of free coloring pages which of course includes Halloween printables and pumpkins.

The kids will love coloring, painting or using pastels to create some fabulous colored pumpkins for your windows, or to decorate the house.

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