Handmade Christmas Decorations

Easy to Make Hanging Xmas Ornaments

If you are considering creating some handmade Christmas decorations this season then we have some really beautiful, yet simple decorations, many of which will only take you minutes to make, and are great for younger kids. 

So whether it’s an elegant Christmas window decoration or an idea for your Christmas tree we hope than we can help you out!

Handmade Christmas decorations - prettyy pretzel window or Xmas tree decorations

First up are some pretty window decorations that are virtually free because they are so cheap (and easy) to make. They can also be hung on a large tree, and are made from the humble pretzel!

Pretzel Window Pretties

These handmade Christmas decorations are super easy to make, but be sure to tell the kids that they are NOT edible! I am sure you’ll have some left over pretzels for them to eat!

You’ll Need

1 Packet of pretzels, shapes and sizes of your choice
White/PVA glue
Silver/Gold spray paint

Lay a sheet of foil onto an oven tray an lay out sets of pretzels in pretty formations. We used 3 or 4 pretzels as too many more will make your decoration more fragile. Apply glue at the meeting points of the pretzels and you can lightly coat the pretzels with a bit more glue to give them extra strength.

handmade Xmas decorations

Give the pretzel shapes at least 12 hours to dry to ensure that the glue has dried and they have a reasonable degree of strength. Gently peel the shapes off the foil and use a knife to remove any excess glue.Take your shapes outside and spray them with silver or gold paint, or they can be painted by hand but care is required as they are somewhat fragile.

Again, give them some time to dry and then hang them with red or colored ribbon to give a beautiful display along your window. 

**Note – We have only made these decorations for the first time this year, but I assume that they would not keep well, so we’ll enjoy making fresh ones again next year (and munching on the spare pretzels)!

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