Homemade Christmas Decorations

Fun and Easy Xmas Crafts for Kids

Making your own homemade Christmas decorations might sound like a bit of hard work if you are not particularly crafty but we promise that the following decorations are super easy to make and will hardly cost you a penny! 

Your kids will love seeing their handiwork on the tree, and spending some time together celebrates the true meaning of Christmas- sharing and family.

Paper Snowflakes

homemade christmas decorations

There are plenty of tricky (but beautiful) paper snowflakes that can be made but when working with children the best method is to keep things simple.

The following snowflakes are three dimensional, making them sound difficult, but actually are very simple as they don’t have a tried and true pattern, your kids can use their imagination to see what they come up with!

1. Take a sheet of white paper roughly 20cm x 8cm. Fold the paper back on itself (like a concertina) so that you finish with a piece still 8cm long but only 2cm wide.

2. Each end of the strip of paper will form the outside of your snowflake so you can cut them slightly rounded. Cut two small triangles at the midpoint of the paper, making sure that you don’t cut all the way through. Tie a string around this- it will become the centre of your snowflake.

how to make a paper snowflake

3. Make random cuts along each side of the paper. Now all you have to do is open up the snowflake and glue or tape each side together. For less than five minutes work you have a beautiful and delicate Christmas decoration.

Allow your kids plenty of time to play with different cuts and experiment with the final shapes they create.

Hang your beautiful new homemade Christmas decorations on your tree with a piece of red ribbon. They can also be decorated using spray glue and some glitter just sprinkled on.

Glittery, Simple Xmas Decorations

glittery Christmas decorations for kids to make

These homemade Christmas decorations are dead easy to make and will keep the kids entertained for a while as they thread beads and other pretty objects onto their own piece of art.

They make a great activity for a Christmas party or any group of children aged from about 4 upwards. All of the crafty bits you will need for these are available in any decent craft store, and will be cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

You’ll Need

-Thin gauge wire 
-Assortment of round colored glass beads, various shaped sequins, long and short beads, small pieces of gold and silver card.

Cut each child a length of wire and thread on the first bead, wrapping the wire through it several times so that it acts like the ‘knot’ at the bottom, holding all the other beads on. Lay out an assortment of beads, sequins, stars, and whatever else appeals to you, in front of the kids and let them create their own special homemade Christmas decoration. Once they have finished create a loop at the top and hang them from the tree. They also make a great decoration for your windows.

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