Baby and Infant Toys

Baby and Infant Toys

Toys For 6-12 Month Olds.

Do you need help choosing an infant toy for a child who is having their first birthday?
Moving on from the baby toys that were of interest in earlier months are infant toys which do more to challenge babies as they start discovering the world around them, becoming more mobile and gaining their independence. Moms and dads look out!!

Versatile infant toys- stacking cups

In the second six months of life your baby will make great advances in mobility and dexterity opening a new world of experiences and interests. Sitting, crawling, and the first steps towards walking are all a part of an increasing mobility that allows your baby to get around in their world.

A longer attention span and being able to pass toys from one hand to the other makes blocks and activitiy centres of great interest. Infant toys that teach about cause and effect are also recommended- your baby loves to know that he/she has ‘made’ something happen.

Infant Toys 6-12 Months

Nesting cubes/cups/ shape sorters

The Rolling Shape Sorter by Tolo features six shapes that each have their own unique sound. Easy opening lids, allow for quick and easy access. It encourages manipulative skills, while stimulating baby through sound and movement. A favorite in our household! Also encourages crawling with its cylindrical design.

Versatile infant toy- the trusty shape sorter.

Brightly coloured blocks

  Fabric blocks are easy to stack and are usually filled with lots of windows and doors that are fun to explore. The blocks contain sounds of crinkles and squeaks that are fascinating for infants to discover.

Fabric toy blocks with plenty of doors and windows to play with.

Floating/squirting Bath Toys
Push/Pull Toys and Walker Wagons

Squeeze Toys
Activity Centres

The Music N’ Play Table is a versatile activity centre. It has an electronic keyboard on one side with prerecorded melodies, four instrument sounds, rhythm control, and flashing lights. On the other side are lots of busy finger activities and sound effects. Flipped over, the tabletop becomes a building base for the 10 blocks included. The keyboard lifts out so it can be played solo on floor or fastened to playpen rail.

An activity table to suit the standing toddler.

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