Buy a Kettler Tricycle

If you are thinking about buying your first toddler trike, or a Kettler tricycle in particular, we’re here to give you the low-down on kids tricycles, 

A tricycle will probably be your first foray into the big wide world of bicycle buying for your kids. Welcome aboard, its going to be a long ride! (No escaping until they are old to enough to be asking for a car!)

buy a kettler tricycle

Classic Kettler Tricycle

Trikes, like other bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different ages. Plastic tricycles for 1-2 year-olds come in a ground hugger style to suit smaller bodies. The majority of tricycles are designed for 2 to 4 year olds and come in various materials with a range of price tags. They can start from about $50 up to $250.

Read on for the low down on what’s available to suit your youngster…

**TIP- When purchasing a tricycle it is best to buy one that is the correct size for your child, rather than something they will grow into. Go for the best trike you can afford with a good safety record. Many Kettler trikes are now adjustable to grow with your child but will cost a bit more upfront.

First Tricycle- 16 Months to 2 Years

A tricycle should teach a child two basic skills- steering and pedalling.

Firstly they will learn how to steer, while they push along the ground with their feet. Once the basic concept of steering has been accomplished, your child can start to use the pedals. With your first trike you have a choice between buying a tricycle with pedals, and having a few more bumps and scratches, or one without, which leaves legs free of impediments.

Pedalling trikes for toddlers have a wide wheel base and are lower to the ground than larger trikes and they generally have bucket seats for added back support. The majority of these tricycles are almost completely plastic but there are also a few wooden ones on the market.

What To Look For…
If you can, take your child with you to check that size of trike is suitable, if it is too tall and the seat is too high then your child will tip over too easily. Look for the wider wheel base, and especially check that the trike is not inclined to tip when turning. Unless you are buying an adjustable trike, your child will probably grow out of this first tricycle reasonable quickly, so keep that in mind when considering the purchase price.

**TIP For younger children tricycles are best suited for indoor use, or in a level courtyard or driveway, they are so low to the ground that they will not be able to be seen by cars (particularly when reversing), making them hazardous to use on the street.

Now for the adults…

A handlebar or safety push bar which attaches to the back of your child’s tricycle is a blessing. They can generally be adjusted to several heights and are removable once your child is comfortable riding on his or her own. They save your back from the strain of constantly leaning over to push the trike, and give you more control over your toddler when you are out on the street.

Tricycles for 2-4 Year Olds

Most child tricycles are aimed at this age group. They are available in plastic, wooden or metal varieties, some come themed and others in a more retro style. The style you choose will come down to the personality and skill level of your child. Plastic tricycles are better suited to younger/smaller children as the weight of an older child can tip a lighter trike. Steel framed trikes are sturdier and usually come with reasonable warranties.

What To Look For…

We suggest wheels with treads for better traction, plastic wheels tend to slip and slide. Rubber tires will give a smoother ride and absorb bumps better. Padded handle bars and an adjustable seat will make the trike more comfortable. 

Kettler tricycles

Happy Navigator KetTrike With Pushbar And Seat Belt

The KetTrike has all the features you expect from a Kettler trike- low center of gravity helps prevent tipping, includes pushbar, seatbelt and adjustable seat. Also has a removable rear bucket which dumps easily. High carbon steel frame with fade resistant powder coat finish and 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Happy Navigator KetTrike With Pushbar And Seat Belt

Prinzessin Navigator KetTrike With Pushbar And Seat Belt

The Prinzessin includes seat belt and pushbar and adjustable ergonomic high back seat. High carbon steel frame with fade resistant powder coat finish and 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Prinzessin Navigator KetTrike With Pushbar And Seat Belt

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