Kids Birthday Party Planning

Plan Early and Reduce Your Stress

Are you having a kids party and don’t know where to start with your
party planning? Just a little kids birthday party planning can help you
avoid a whole lot of pre-party stress and ensure your party goes off
without a hitch.

Use our party planner to make your next kids party a breeze…

kids birthday party planning help

Kids Party Planner

One Month Before the Party

Decide on the time, date and location for the party
Write your guest list
Make a list of party decorations and favors work out whether you want to order them online

2-3 Weeks Before the Party

Make or buy party invitations, and send them out, making sure you have an RSVP
Start making a schedule for the party activities
Sort or buy any items required for party craft activities and loot bags
Buy any food items that are long lasting
Decide whether you are going to make or buy the birthday cake

Week Before the Party

Buy party food and supplies
Borrow chairs, tables etc if required
Organize music for the party

Day/Evening Before The Party

Make the birthday cake
Prepare other food items
Prepare the loot bags
Set the Party Table
Set up Decorations, Crafts and Games, blow up Balloons

Day of the Party

Pick up cake (if ordered)
Complete last minute food items
Pick up balloons (if ordered)
Put out snacks
Dress your child for the party

Take a deep breathe and enjoy the party!

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