Kids Painting Projects

More fun and imaginative kids painting projects to keep your pre-schoolers, toddlers and older children entertained.

Fun kids painting projects

Sand Pictures

This project gives a more permanent result than normal sand activities.

You’ll need- Plastic containers, fine beach sand, powder paints to add to sand.
Draw a picture on a large sheet of paper. Apply PVA glue on one section at a time and sprinkle on different colour sands. Depending on the age of your child they may need some assistance with the glue. Shake off the excess sand and the masterpiece just needs to dry.

Eyedropper Rainbows

You’ll need- Plastic Eyedroppers (Use old ones from medicines or they are cheap to buy), powder paint or food coloring.

up the paint colors – red, blue and yellow, in a fairly thin
consistency so the colours mix well. Now your children can experiment
with mixing colors. They may initially need some supervision and
direction so that they don’t make their sheets too wet with paint. The
sheets will tear if waterlogged.
Another way to experiment with color
mixing is to wet the paper first. Using food dye add different color
drops close to each other and watch the colors spread and mix with each

Splatter Paintings

You’ll need- Large sheets of white paper, acrylic paints, brushes, art smocks.

the paper on the grass or an easel. Make sure that your paints are
fairly watery so that they give a light spatter when you flick them. Be
sure to keep your creations as they make great wrapping paper.

fruit and vegetable cut outs for fun kids painting

Fruit and Vegetable Prints

You’ll need- Apples, mushrooms, onions, potatoes or other firm vegetables that are easy to hold on to, poster paints, butcher’s paper or roll of newsprint.

This is a great way to make cheap coverings for your kid’s school books, or even wrapping paper. Cut the fruit in half and pat dry. You might want to use a couple of different colour paints then they can create patterns with shapes and colors.
This is an activity best done on the ground, or a large outdoor table. Cover with a plastic sheet or plenty of newspaper to catch the drips.
Potatoes are particularly good for cutting shapes out of. Your kids can draw a shape on the potato halves which you can then cut out for them.

**TIP- A way to minimize mess is to use kitchen sponges with a little paint poured onto them in a shallow tray. This prevents your kids from picking up too much paint each time they dip, and also uses less paint! They can be rinsed out at the end of the activity and stored for the next painting session.

Leaf Splatter Paintings

This activity definitely requires a well-covering art smock.

You’ll need- Leaves, pods and other garden findings, paper, acrylic paint (can use left-over from household paint jobs), nailbrush or toothbrush, old photo frame, blu-tack, masking tape, fine wire mesh, old cereal or shirt box.

Cut one side off the cereal box and blu-tack a sheet of paper inside. Lay the box flat and place the garden items on top of the paper. Use the masking tape to attach the fine mesh to the photo frame. Dip the brush into the paint and hold the screen over the box. As the kids rub the brush over the screen the paint flicks onto the paper and once dry the garden objects can be removed to leave an outline of where they were.
By using several brushes with different colors this is another way for children to experiment with mixing colors.

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