Magic Tricks for Kids

Encouraging A Love of Performance !

After receiving a magic set for her 7th birthday, my daughter has gone crazy on magic tricks for kids. Every night we find a new trick out of the magic book, and spend some time practicing it before a special ‘performance’ in front of the family.

Although their have been some frustrations with the odd trick that doesn’t work, it has been a great way for her to gain confidence and perform in front of an audience.

Best thing of all, the magic tricks are all free and provide great fun, literally for hours for the kids as they practice and perfect each trick. They are a great way to spend a rainy day, or to creatively use time on school holidays.

We are even considering that our next birthday might be a kids magic party.

getting Started with simple magic tricks

Before your kids pull out their magic wand and start to perform, they need to learn a few of the basics of magic for kids.

  • Start out with easy tricks for kids, especially if they are young (less than 8 years old).
  • Have an adult be the ‘assistant’ to help the magician practice the trick and then deliver it smoothly.
  • Practice the kids magic tricks a few times before you do it in front of a real audience. You can practice in front of a sibling, or a mirror.
  • Magic card tricks are often a good place to start, they’re a simple prop, and there are lots of easy card tricks.
  • Remember not to tell how the magic trick worked or perform it more than once for each audience- this takes away all the mystery!

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