Metal Swing Set

Sturdy outdoor play equipment for kids

Are you looking to buy a metal swing set? Or trying to make the decision between a wooden or a metal swing set for your kids? What exactly are the differences? 

Read our handy tips before you buy…

metal swing set
  • The main difference when comparing different brands of metal outdoor swing sets is in the quality which will generally be reflected in the price.
  • Most come in ready to assemble kits, but beware of sets with poor instructions, missing hardware or pieces that fit poorly. The best way around this is to browse online and check for reviews by other buyers.
  • Look for quality metal swing sets with galvanized structures and long warranties as they require very little, if any, maintenance and are guaranteed rust free.
  • Outdoor play sets are also available in powder coated carbon steel, which is more expensive than galvanized steel but comes in varied colors which will appeal more to younger children.
  • Depending on the size of the outdoor play set and how many children are using it at one time, it may require anchor bolts to prevent the structure from wobbling around.
  • You will get much more for your $ in a metal swing set than you will for a wooden one – the main sacrifice is the visual appeal.

Budget Kids Metal Swings / Play Equipment   $100-300

Swing N Play Metal Swing Set

The Swing n Play features 1 air glider, 2 comfort swing seats, 1 trapeze and 54 inch wave slide. 2″ steel tube frame construction for strength and sturdiness, anchors sold separately.

Swing N Play Metal Swing Set

Brantford II Metal Swing Set

The Brantford II features 2 sling swings with plastic seats, a 4-passenger lawn swing, deluxe trapeze swing, rocket rider for 2 and a wave slide.

Double Swing Frame

The Double Swing Frame is the strongest frame in its class. The extra-short top bar on this swing make it the strongest single frame available. The ultra durable frame is made from 2 inch O/D galvanized steel with nylon swing bearings. Adaptable to suspend just about any swing accessory.

Double Swing Frame

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