Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

Simple Crafty Gifts for Moms/Mums!

The best part of Mother’s Day is waking up to see the wonderful gifts
that my children have created.

We have a strictly craft only policy for
Mother’s Day, after all it is the thought that counts and I love seeing
what Mother’s Day ideas they come up with each year!

So long as I can get breakfast in bed, in whatever form it may take (even burnt toast!), I am happy!

of these Mothers Day crafts for kids might need some assistance from an
adult, preferably not mom, so she can get a lovely surprise on Mother’s
Day morning!

Homemade Mother’s Day Card

There are plenty of options for card-making. If you are short on time
or creative skill then just let your kids draw a portrait of mom on
their card and place a little fresh pressed flower inside.

mothers day crafts for kids

Finger Painted Flower Card
of our favorite cards is to do a little bit of finger painting to
create a card that looks like it has a bunch of flowers on the front.

fold a piece of colored card in half for the card and draw a simple
vase with some stems on the front. Your child now just has to use their
fingertip in a circular pattern to make each flower.

Material and Felt Card
card simply uses up any shiny, pretty bits and pieces that you have in
your busy box. Preferably things that aren’t too heavy and will stick
firmly with PVA/craft glue.

You’ll need some colored card for the
actual card, and apart from that, let your imagination run wild! We used
felt, buttons, pipecleaners and some fancy trimming to make our special
crafty Mother’s Day card.

Unique Love Bracelet

My kids seem to have loads of beads of all shapes and sizes and love
threading. An easy and low-mess craft activity for Mother’s Day is to
make mom and bracelet or necklace in her favorite color. An adult might
need to help if you want to attach a clip, or to tie off the masterpiece
with a firm knot.

If you don’t have any beads at home, there are
usually a great selection of wooden, glass and plastic beads at your
local craft store.

easy mother's day crafts

Living Flower

I don’t know too many mom’s that don’t like flowers, but rather than
giving cut flowers, a lovely gift is a cyclamen, daisy or another pretty
flower that will then continue to grow and bloom in a pot that has been
decorated by your children.

They can fingerpaint the pot, or use paintbrushes or sponges to decorate a pot in a theme of their choice.

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