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Top Toddler Websites

Finding the right online toddler games and websites is just what you need when your toddler takes those first big steps online.

More and more online games for toddlers are becoming available but BEWARE,
there are plenty of average sites out there so we’re only going to
bring you the best of the best.

Kids websites that you and your toddler will
want to revisit again and again, and again….

Toddlers are on a
huge learning curve and have many skills that they can be developing
online, even while they are having fun!

Online Toddler Games generally involve..

  • Hand-eye co-ordination– using the mouse to catch moving objects
  • Problem solving– puzzles, matching pairs, learning about opposites

  • Recognition– colors, shapes, sounds, animals

  • Social/interactive fun– singing, rhyming, ABC’s, stories

toddler games will be helping your child to develop keyboard skills as
well as the ability to use the mouse effectively, but be patient, if it
is your child’s first attempt at using a computer they will need some

A mouse is a tricky new tool to learn to use, especially if it has
multiple buttons. But look out, once they have the hang of it there
will be no stopping them!

Up To Ten

One of the biggest and
the best game sites for kids and it even has an area for parents! Boowa
& Kwala are the lovable characters who will be taking your toddlers
through a huge selection of games, activities and silly songs. You have
the ability to select the language, four are available apart from
English. Try out your kids’ favorite songs in French or Spanish, you’ll
be humming them all day long!
Definitely a site to save in the favorites for your toddler.

**TIP- Sign up for a Premium Account and you will be able to view the site minus the advertising! It’s FREE!

Fisher Price

For easy navigation
the toddler online games have their own section. There’s plenty of
coloring, puzzles and matching games, and audio help for colors, shapes
and ABC’s. A visually appealing site for the littlies but limited in the
variety of games. Good site to fill ten minutes but your toddler might
want to move onto the preschool games before too long.

Toddle Toons

Twelve simple games
for babies and toddlers which are especially designed for interaction
between parents and kids aswell as the learning that occurs through the
repetition of playing the games. Includes a special ‘Bye Bye’ screen to
end each session.

ABC Kids

The Australian
equivalent to Noggin, ABC kids features all your favorite toddler tv characters in
their own stories, animations, coloring pages, puzzles and more.

You’ll find Peppa Pig, Shaun the Sheep and more. My seven year old loves the Dirtgirl games which are all about recycling and going green!

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