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Gooey, Squishy, Squashy Fun!

Play dough / play doh,
plasticine and salt dough are all great modelling materials for
children. Modelling activities can be used indoors without too much mess
and allow children to make their own creations without the need for

We have some easy recipes for you to make your own play
dough and salt dough, and if you’re brand new to modelling, a quick
explanation of the differences between play dough, salt dough and

Play Dough / Playdoh

home made play dough

Play dough is one of my
favorite crafty items for my kids to play with. All I have to do is provide
an idea or maybe some tools and they are off and running. Younger
children will simply like to squeeze, roll and cut the dough.

Older kids
can use cookie cutters, plastic knives, patty pans, baking trays, and
then an assortment of materials for imprinting. Play dough is also a
good medium for making three-dimensional dogs, cats, dinosaurs; whatever
your child has an interest in.

Play Dough Recipe

Salt Dough

Salt dough is similar
to play dough to work with but dries harder and can be baked to make
models that will last. It can be painted and varnished to produce art
works that will last many years.

When making salt dough your kids
can help to measure ingredients and then knead the dough. After making
their artwork they can use wooden skewers to make holes for threading.
Place on a lightly greased cooking tray and cook for 2-3 hrs.

Salt Dough Recipe

Plasticine Play

Plasticine and
modelling clays give a different medium to playdoh for modelling and are
better for making small three-dimensional models of animals and people.

They come in great colours and you can add features using pipe
cleaners, beads and buttons. It is better suited to older children as it
requires some handling to soften it up before it can be manipulated.

Buying them can become expensive, so encourage your kids to look after them and store them properly so they don’t dry out.

*TIP- Plasticine can stain clothes and upholstery so make sure your kids are wearing smocks or old clothes.

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