Rectangle Trampoline Reviews

From our rectangle trampoline reviews we shortlisted the best rectangular trampolines available out there.

So why choose a rectangle trampoline for your family?

Rectangular trampolines allow for a greater jumping area and are better for those interested in gymnastics as well as providing the highest bounce of all trampolines.

Sizes for rectangular trampolines start from 8×8 foot, and go right up to a monster 14×16 foot with a whole variety of lengths and width combinations in between. 

Rectangle trampolines typically come with a wide safety padding to reduce the risk of injury from springs.

Rectangular tramps can now be purchased with an enclosure, or you can generally buy a separate enclosure/net to fit your existing trampoline. Price will depend on the size and quality of the trampoline you select. 

The Difference Among Rectangular, Square and Round Trampolines

A rectangular trampoline will hands down be the best high bounce trampoline that you can get. This shape is great for kids/teens who are undertaking some kind of training whether for gymnastics, cheerleading, snowboarding etc, where they need to practice somersaults and flips. 

A square trampoline sits somewhere in the middle of a high bouncing rectangular trampoline and a round trampoline, so it is great for kids of all ages, and might just be the best shape for your yard. 

Round trampolines offer the least bounce and are the safest, as they naturally force the jumper towards the middle, preventing the risk of injury or loss of control.

Jumpsport 17 ft StagedBounce Rectangle Trampoline Review


This is the best 17 foot rectangle trampoline available in the market. The 17 foot trampoline gives super high bounce on a heavy gauge steel frame, allowing you to practice a large variety of tricks. Its StagedBounce technology allows only 50% of the springs to engage right away, with the remaining engaging a few miliseconds later. This ensures safety while not compromising bounce. The trampoline is extremely durable, with a heavy duty powder coated frame pad.

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Skywalker 15 ft Rectangle Trampoline


This 15 foot trampoline has an extremely strong steel frame with a reinforced enclosure. The padding contains a 1 inch thick foam padding for additional comfort. This rectangular trampoline is very easy to assemble and gives an outstanding bounce. Measuring 15 by 9 inches, it allows enough space for several of your children to jump at the same time. Skywalker 15 Ft Rectangle Trampoline Review

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Skywalker 14 Ft Square Trampoline Review


If you are looking for a square trampoline, the Skywalker 14 Ft square trampoline is best in line. It comes with a gap free enclosure, ensuring safety. The trampoline also features new interlocking T-bracket technology – adding strength at each frame joint. The T-bracket prevents the frame from twisting and makes assembly a snap!

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Aosom 10′ x 7′ Rectangle Trampoline Review


The Aoson rectangle trampoline measures 10 by 7, and has a weight limit of 260 pounds. It is meant for outdoors use and very durable, with a rust resistant steel frame that can withstand harsh weather. This trampoline is a tremendous lot of fun – my children loved it.

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Hope our rectangle trampoline reviews helped you hone in on the best rectangle trampolines for you. Have you come across other great rectangular trampolines you would like to add to the list? Please leave us a comment below.