Summer Camp Program

Choosing the Camp to Suit Your Unique Child

Finding a Summer Camp
program to suit your individual child can at first seem like a long and
tedious task with so many options available. If you are brand new to
summer camps then quickly take the time to read our handy check list before you start your search.

Before making any
decisions about what type of summer camp program to choose you will first need
to decide if your child will be attending a Day Camp, Overnight Camp or
Residential Camp.

Day Camps
usually provide care on a daily basis from Monday to Friday with
campers returning home at the end of each day. Selecting a location
within a reasonable distance from your home is recommended, unless you
really love driving!

Overnight Camps
a good introduction to Residential Camps, for pre-teens and early teens
to¬† ‘test the water’ at a night away from home. Again proximity to your
home is a consideration due to the short length of the stay.

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Residential Camps– usually provide care on a weekly basis (length of stay varies). Campers remain at the facility for the duration of their stay.

Actually choosing which
camp your child is ready for is the hard part. Ultimately you want your
child to enjoy and flourish in a camp situation rather than feel that
they cannot cope with such a big change. Talk the options through with
your child and try sleep overs at friends houses first to help you make a

Once you know which style
of camp to are going with you can narrow down your search by discussing
with your child the sort of program they would like to be involved in.
Your child knows their own interests and will get much more from a camp
that is geared in this direction.

Sports/Adventure Summer Camps

This style of camp
program has the most variety with so many different sports available.
Obviously camps for skiing, surfing or marine activities are more
restricted in terms of location whereas horseback riding, cycling,
basketball camps and similar can be found just about anywhere in the

Many sports camps have the opportunity for overseas travel
depending on your budget. The cost for these camps varies dramatically
depending on the sport.


the popularity of computers, most camps now offer activities that are
computer based but if you have a child/teen who is computer and
technology mad then there are now specialized camps for such kids.

can excel at anything from website design, programming, video game
development, 3D and flash animation, right through to building their own


you have a budding artist or movie star then a more artistic camp
program might better suit your child.

Camps can offer general art and
craft activities or have a focus on photography, film making, dance,
drama/acting, music, creative writing or even circus preforming.


Summer Camp Programs offer kids a range of study options as well as outdoor
activities and the usual personal development, friendship and
opportunities to be found at camp.

Programs can earn students credits
for college or get help with essay writing, study skills, public
speaking, and SAT or PSAT preparation. All in an environment away from
the stress of school that promotes learning as well as fun.

Special Needs Camps

you have a child with a developmental disability, ADHD, cancer, or
other health problem or disability then there are still many great camp
options available including many of the activities found in standard
camp programs.

Some of these camps can be more expensive that standard
camps due to their higher staff to camper ratios. These camps give
carers the opportunity for a well earned break, as some of these
children require almost 24 hour care.

Some camps also offer places for
siblings of sick children or children of seriously ill parents. If
special transportation is required for your child, check with the camp
prior to booking.

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