Thanksgiving Party Favors

Thanksgiving Party Favors

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If you want to take an original approach to making your own Thanksgiving place cards and Thanksgiving party favors then consider the following ideas.

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Personalized Place Cards
If your group isn’t too large and is very well known to you (close family and friends since this may be more difficult with “a friend of a friend”) then consider downloading a digital photo of each guest to decorate their Thanksgiving place setting. Whether the photo is from a childhood Thanksgiving or something more recent, this is a fun way to personalize each person’s place setting at your table and can add a fun dimension to your Thanksgiving table decorations.

Clued Place Cards
For a little game time before dinner, consider making place cards with clues. This cannot be too complicated due to the size of each place card, but consider using birthdays or numbers instead of letters in names or some other personally identifying factor for each guest. Your guests will have a fun time surrounding your table and trying to figure where they will sit.Alternatively, each place card could have an interesting piece of Thanksgiving Trivia on the inside for each person to read at the start of the meal.

Edible Place Cards
For something really different you may want to try an edible place card. This can be something that goes with the dinner (a roll or large cracker piped with each person’s name using jam or cheese spread) or a treat for after dinner (a large turkey shaped sugar cookie piped in icing with each person’s name). Since you only need place cards to determine where each person sits at the beginning of the meal, it won’t matter if they get eaten!

Thanksgiving Party Favors
Many hostesses like to send home a favor for each of their guests. Your place card could be attached to a small box of chocolates or a package of hot cocoa that each guest can then take with them after the wonderful meal you have served. Make sure your favors are creatively wrapped and then attach a large tag with each person’s name to serve as the place card. Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort to really make them feel special!

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