Toddler Halloween Costumes

Easy Costumes for Young Kids

Once your kids become
mobile, organizing toddler Halloween costumes becomes both easier and
harder than clothing an infant. Your youngster will put up with a
Halloween costume that is a little uncomfortable, and many will happily have
face paint slathered onto their face- but he/she now wants a say in what they

Toddlers and preschoolers love Halloween, probably more than
anyone because it is SOO exciting, just as all things are at this age!

cute toddler Halloween costume

Consult with your toddler
on their Halloween costume a few weeks before the big event. They will
want their say so be sure to have a few ideas ready so that you can come
to a mutual agreement. As for baby Halloween costumes you may still
need to have a ‘kiddie proof’ costume which they do not try to eat or
put in their mouth, which is a habit that many toddlers still have.
Otherwise, make sure whatever they are chewing on is edible!

cartoon and movie characters will be high on the list for your toddler,
there are many available in stores and making one of your own may be a
bit more of a challenge for those who are sewing impaired (like
myself!). A couple of easier options are-

Batman or Robin
For batman a black/grey pair of pants and top, fitted with a wide
yellow belt- can use felt and velcro. With this felt also cut out an
oval for the chest with a black bat motif glued on. Cut out a black cape
which simply ties around the neck. For batmans headgear- buying a mask
may be the easiest option. Finish with black boots and plenty of

from the Wizard of Oz- blue pinafore, red shiny shoes, may need to buy
or make plaits- must have a Toto plush toy to keep her company!

Traditional Toddler Halloween Costumes

costumes like angels, devils, and bats are somewhat easier to fashion at
home but will still require some sewing, or gluing at least!

This one can almost be made from clothing that you will have around the
house. Black or checkered pants, a wide sash made from red ribbon for
the waist. A shirt from mum or dad’s wardrobe (plain or horizontal
stripes), or if you are feeling really adventurous you can add some
ruffles from scrap material- can take some from the length of the shirt
or an old white sheet. Final touches are black boots, eye patch and a
pirates hat,which you will probably need to buy, unless you are really

Sew Free (Dead) Easy Costumes for Kids

A couple of costumes
that can be put together without any sewing at all. Okay, you might need
to go and purchase a few small props to finish them off, depending on what’s in your dress up box!

Use a large white shirt or alternatively cut out an apron and using red
felt glue a cross onto the front. Attach various medical instruments
from your child’s plastic doctors set around their neck and in pockets.

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