Toddler Trampoline Reviews

If your toddler has energy to burn, maybe it’s time for a toddler trampoline. Our toddler trampoline reviews will help you pick the best toddler trampoline for your child. Trampolines are obviously great for exercise, and a great way for your toddlers to expend some of their energy. Toddlers love that feeling of freedom as they bounce through the air.

Many toddlers initially will want to hold a parents hand or handle while they gain their confidence, but once they have that, look out! You will be audience to all sorts of weird and wonderful tricks that they want to perform for you!

As a safety precaution, toddlers should not be left unsupervised on a trampoline, so this may influence whether you decide to go with an indoor or outdoor mini trampoline for your toddler.

Indoor Toddler Trampolines – Especially for Littlies

Indoor trampolines are especially designed for younger children allowing them the ability for bouncy fun, with reduced risk, by often having a handle (sometimes detachable) giving kids security and fun all in your sight. 

Original Toy Company Fold And Go Toddler Trampoline Review


This handy toddler trampoline is an all-time Amazon bestseller. It is easy to set up and fold away and will provide hours of fun for your energetic preschooler.

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Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Review


The Diggin JumpSmart trampoline is a triangular trampoline with two handles. It allows your kid to bounce to children’s songs, and is a hit with my children. The only issue is that assembly can be tricky, so make sure you are prepared.

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Little Tikes 3 Ft Toddler Trampoline Review


Another bestseller, the Little Tikes has a handle bar your toddler can hold on to for stability. It is easy to assemble, and has a 60 pound weight limit. Instead of using springs or bungee, this toddler trampoline uses webbing, which is a much more durable and safe choice of material, especially for toddlers. With the wide bar, you can easily have more than one kid on it at a time.

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Pure Fun Kids Jumper Toddler Trampoline Review


The Pure Fun Kids Jumper is well designed and features a limited bounce (with no bungee or springs) that is just right and safe for toddlers. It has a weight limit of 75 pounds, and is meant for toddlers aged 3 and above.

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Outdoor Trampolines for Toddlers

If your kids love being outdoors, or are ready for a slightly larger trampoline, then in terms of size, think of something between a 6ft and 10 ft trampoline. Just be sure to get a trampoline with an enclosure to ensure their safety. 

The majority of outdoor trampolines will be round or octagonal, but there are still rectangular trampolines available (with enclosure), if your yard is better suited to this shape. 

Skybound Super 7 Toddler Trampoline Review


This 7 foot trampoline is perfect for littlies and wont take up too much space in your yard. If you have room inside it can also be set up as an indoors trampoline. With a sturdy steel frame it is built to last, but has molded plastic to reduce the risk of injury and make it safe to use on carpet or floorboards.

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**Tip – If this is your first foray into buying a trampoline, you might like to look at our safety page so that you can be more aware of what the risks are when your kids are trampolining. Children under the age of 6 need constant supervision, while older kids can be left unsupervised, but you will need to set up rules about how many kids are on the trampoline together as this tends to be when the most accidents occur! 

Hope these toddler trampoline reviews helped you hone in on the best toddler trampoline to get for your child. Have you tried other toddler trampolines you would highly recommend? Please leave us a comment below.