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If you already have an older trampoline, then you may be looking at trampoline parts and accessories as a way to make your trampoline safer with the addition of an enclosure or new pads.

If you have a newer trampoline, the kids might be begging you for some extra trampoline equipment or games to give them more play options.

Either way safety should be a priority so take the time to regularly check your trampoline keeping an eye out for any wearing parts. 

**TIP Buying Online – When purchasing online it can be a little more difficult to judge the quality of product when you do not get to see it in the flesh. Don’t let that put you off, the internet provides plenty of opportunity for shopping around to check prices as well as quality.

When inspecting a model (or a company in general) check that frames have a lifetime warranty (or 10 years at least) and an indication should be given regarding the life of the pads and mat. Some companies offer free shipping, this can be quite a saving, just be sure that you are buying a quality product that is durable enough to withstand all the attention it’s going to get from your kids!

Trampoline Parts and Equipment

Trampoline Enclosure / Net

round kids trampoline with enclosure

The introduction of trampoline nets / enclosures a few years ago has transformed the trampolining industry giving greater safety to young or inexperienced users.

The trampoline net (sometimes called a trampoline cage) cushions and absorbs the impact from falls reducing the greatest risk on a normal trampoline- falling off or out. It thus aids in confidence building for new users.

You can even make an old trampoline much safer with the addition of a net- just check that you are getting the right dimensions.

Some trampolines come with an optional net while other models have one that is an integral part of the unit. A definite for young children or novice trampoline users.

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Trampoline Mats

If you have an older trampoline that is showing signs of wear, rather than replacing the whole unit you can buy a trampoline replacement mat to fit just about any shape or size trampoline.

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Trampoline Safety Pads/Spring Pads

Trampoline safety pads will help protect your kids from injury by covering the frame and springs of the trampoline (if it is not spring free). They come in a variety of shapes, thicknesses and sizes to fit all makes and models of trampoline.

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