Kids Water Games

Any parent knows how
much kids love water games. It is almost as if children have a built in
radar for even the tiniest puddle, which needs to be jumped in, gumboots
or otherwise!

Playing with water
doesn’t always mean they need to get soaking wet, there are activities
like helping to wash the car, washing some toy clothes in a basin or
using a watering can that still allow them to enjoy the qualities of
water. In all honesty though, not much beats a simple squirting with the

kids water fun

Bathtime Fun

In The Bath
By providing some easy props your kids can stay entertained in the bath for hours.
jugs, cups, funnels and seives and other kitchen items are a good way
to learn about some of the properties of water, basically whether things
float, sink or do something in between. The best item I have discovered
for bath games is the good old ping pong ball. Cheap thrills for all
Bought items like boats, ducks and novelty sponges also encourage creative play.

Bath Time Fizz
You’ll need-  Bicarbonate of Soda, Cornflour, Cream of Tartar, Essential Oils
your kids to help you measure out 3/4 cup of bicarbonate soda, 1/2 cup
cream of tartar and 2 tablespoons of cornflour into a glass jar with a
lid. Stir them thoroughly to remove lumps and add a few drops of
essential oil. Stir again and it’s ready for use.
By adding teaspoons into the bath they can enjoy the soothing smells as well as the fizz!

Wet Fun, Dry Clothes

Outdoors Tub
I have
given my kids a large shallow washing tub which they like to use for
washing plastic dishes, dirty toy clothes and even dirty teddies and
dolls. This actually helps me out, saving me from having to handwash
dirty toys and they have a great time splashing about without getting
too wet.
Another good item to invest in is a kiddie kitchen which
has a small sink, oven and usually a dish rack. Your kids can cook you
mud pies and get some more practice at doing the dishes. (All good
practice for the real thing!)

Happy Plants
kids can help in the garden by using the watering can to keep the plants
happy. They can learn that water and sunlight are pretty much the only
things that most plants need, apart from a healthy soil.

Dripping Wet

toddler outdoors water games

Balloon Toss
up water balloons. Have one balloon for every two persons. Form into
teams and form two lines facing each other about a metre apart. Partners
throw water balloons to each other to catch. If they drop the balloon
they must exit the game. After each toss step back by one foot. Winners
are the remaining partners and everyone else gets soaked!
Can also be done with sponges.

Slip and Slide
For all the family (and the neighbours!).
a long sheet of thick plastic. Lay the plastic on a flat or slightly
sloping grass lawn. Have adults or kids each hold down the edges every
few feet for safety. With a garden hose or long sprinkler keep water
running along the plastic. The kids (and adults!) can slide; on their
feet, stomachs, or rear ends.
Requires adult supervision to make sure kids aren’t running too fast.

Lily Pads
group game. Each player is given 2 paper (plastic) cups filled with
water. In front of each player on the floor there are 5 cardboard
circles (shaped to look like lilypads) that are situated at the equal
distance from each other. The players’ task is to get to the finish line
jumping from one circle to another. The player who has water in his/her
glasses at the end of the game is the winner. To be more accurate and
to make the game funnier you may measure the water in the glasses by
placing tape on the outside at the beginning water level.

Water Brigade
good group water game. For each player there is a chair with a bowl of
water and a spoon on it. A few steps away there are two more chairs with
an empty glass on each of them. The object of the player is to fill the
empty glass with water as soon as possible. The player who is the first
to do it is the winner.

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