Kids Wooden Outdoor Playsets

If you’re considering buying your kids a wooden outdoor playset, then you’ve got some big choices to make! There are loads of kids outdoor playsets to choose from and here are the main criteria you need to think about –

  • Trying to get what your kids actually want on the playset- fort, climbing wall, slide etc. Don’t stress about this- many playsets can be added to over time.
  • Selecting the timber/wood for your play equipment
  • Pine is the cheapest but does require ongoing maintenance
    See the price points below
    – $400-$700
    – $800-$1200
    – $1300+

    Cedar is a good mid-range option, the timber is naturally hard wearing and splinter free

    Redwood is the most expensive option but also the longest lasting.

  • Keeping everything within your budget! Believe me, this is the hardest criteria to meet!

Budget Kids Outdoor Playsets (Pine)

Most basic kids outdoor playsets will include swings, a slide, a sandbox, usually tucking in underneath the slide, and then most will have a fort with shade and a ladder and/or rock wall. Check the weight allowances on cheaper sets as they are often only suited to smaller children.

Andorra Wooden Swing Set

The Andorra is a budget conscious playset with unparalleled value. The set includes a fully functional 3×3 play deck with lower sandbox, swings and slide and more. A great swing set for small areas.

Andorra Wooden Swing Set

Conover Wooden Swing Set

The Conover play set is the perfect play set for families with a smaller backyard and budget. It features two swings, hanging bar, slide, fort and ladder.

Conover Wooden Swing Set

Mid Range Outdoor Playsets – (Pine) $800-1200

Mid range kids outdoor play equipment generally has a good range of features to choose from.

Weight allowances will vary between brands. Go for a 200 pound set for older kids, and a 120 pound set if the equipment is only for younger children.