1st Birthday Bear Cake

1st Birthday Bear Cake

by Amanda

(Baltimore, MD, USA)

1st Birthday Bear Cake

1st Birthday Bear Cake

I made this cake for my daughter’s first birthday party. It was quite simple to do. First I bought the cake pan and on the actual pan it tells you what tips to buy so that you can correctly create the design. I bought a boxed store mix and followed the directions to make it i then greased the pan and let it bake.

Once it had cooled off to room temperature. I began to ice it. I bought white store canned icing and a box of food coloring, I was able to mix the colors i wanted in separate blows by just putting a few drops of food coloring in with the icing and mixing it up. I started with the biggest area that needed to be done first and used the tips they told me to, to just follow the color design and instructions on the original pan.

I did make a couple mistakes, but since it’s just icing you just wipe it off and try again, no big deal. I think it turned out fabulous and everyone at the party was impressed. Originally the number written on the block wasn’t a 1 but i just changed that to fit our needs (and didn’t really need any instruction on that). Best of all my daughter was thrilled too!

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Craft Store

by: Amanda

I found my tin at the local craft store a JoAnn’s or Michaels is a great place to start!!

Where to find the bear cake tin?

by: Sue

I really like this cake, if I can locate a teddy bear cake tin, I can use it no matter what age birthday my son or daughter is having.

Not that I would use it EVERY year!

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