A few suggestions:

A few suggestions:

by Ella


1. Content could be added to the nature/science part of the site, in a manner that it fits under indoor and outdoor. Children’s magnifying glasses can be found in dollar stores.

My suggests for adding content are not to specific sections, but rather site as a whole:

One huge change I would suggest is pointing out to parents how to link different things- kids understand better when you go buy seeds, weed the garden, look at vegetables, then help make dinner and eat. These things are suggested on the site, but pointing out that if you do them together on the same day is important. Or asking things like, ‘does this remind you of…’.

Also, emphasize how to help the kids entertain themselves with the activity or work with a friend/sibling (steps to simplify things so they can do it independently?). Parent or caregiver shouldn’t have to facilitate or run or be involved in every step of the way.

2. I like your font and the way you set up paragraph spacing, width of text blocks. I find this really important in sites I visit often. All pages lack a sense of unity- a little bit of several colors.

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More Nature and Science Activities

by: Anonymous

Hi Ella

Thanks for your comments. My eldest is just getting to the age where she is interested in how things work and grow, and my toddler LOVES to help me in the garden.

Great tips about encouraging self-sufficiency, by giving kids all the right tools and encouragement they will run with ideas on their own without needing adults to be ‘fussing’ over them.

Great to let them problem-solve on their own, with just a bit of guidance when required.

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