A Pink Bunny Cake!

A Pink Bunny Cake!

by Norene


My Pink Bunny Cake!

My Pink Bunny Cake!


I made my cake out of a chocolate cake mix bought at the store. I put half the batter into a round nine inch pan and half the batter into another 9 inch round pan. When the cake was baked I allowed it to cool off and then flipped the two cakes onto a sheet of wax paper.

First I put One circle in the middle of my workspace with a little frosting so it would stay in place. Then I took the second cake and cut a bowtie out of the center with the ends of the bowtie coming all the way out to the outside of the cake(see bowtie). Then I used the 2 pieces left from the bow tie and put it on top for ears.

Now I used store bought frosting in the can (white) and then I added a couple drops of red food coloring. Then I folded the frosting until it was pink. Now frost the whole cake.

For the Blue decorations I used a second can of white frosting and a couple drops of blue food coloring. I put the blue into a white long envelope, made a funnel and cut off a tiny corner and used this like a piping bag to decorate the cake.

Its very easy and you can use red or black licorice for the bunny whiskers if you like that kind of candy.

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