Adriel’s Flowery 2nd Birthday Cake.

Adriel’s Flowery 2nd Birthday Cake.

by Alicia Smith

(Collins, Missouri, US)

Pretty Pink Birthday Cake

Pretty Pink Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a special cake for my daughter Adriel. She was turning 2 and when I asked her what type of cake she wanted and she told me “a pretty pink one”. I sat down and drew a picture of how I thought her cake should look like. I then decided what type of cake she would like the most.

Here is what I came up with:

A tiered cake that was very colorful (and pink!) with daisies. It was also Addies favorite flavor, strawberry!!

I made my grocery list and then went shopping…

– 3 strawberry cake mixes
– 2 large boxes of fondant
– 3 large tubes strawberry frosting
– pink, orange, and green food coloring
– 1 star cookie cutter
– silk daisies
– a small brush for cake decorationg (or a small paintbrush)
– and polka dotted candles

Also, I made sure to have everything the cake box directions needed. Eggs, oil, etc.

1)I prepared the cake mixes according to the directions on the box and put 1 1/2 box mix into a large round cake sheet, 1 box mix into a medium round cake sheet, and the rest of the cake mix into a small round cake sheet and baked them. (The smaller cakes will be done before the larger one)

2)While the cakes were baking, I colored 1 box of fondant pink and half of the other box orange. I then split the remaining fondant and made half green and left the rest white.

3)When the cakes cooled, I placed the largest cake on a large cake plate. I then rolled out 3/4 of the pink and all of the orange fondant with some powdered sugar to keep it from sticking.

4)I then frosted the largest round cake with 1 container of frosting.

5)After it was frosted, I put the rolled out pink fondant on top and smoothed it out. I cut some of the fondant off and then folded the edges under. Keep the cut fondant because you will use this later.

6)Next I frosted the medium cake with half of a container of frosting and put the orange fondant on top, smoothing it around it like the first. I cut the excess fondant off and folded the edges under. Remember to keep the cut fondant! I then placed the medium cake on top on the larger one, making the first tier.

7)I frosted the smallest cake with 1/4 of the frosting that was left and then rolled out the remaining pink fondant. I smoothed it over the smaller cake, folded the edges under, and sat it on top of the medium cake. Now all the cakes were ready to be decorated.

8)I rolled out the green fondant as flat as I could and used the star shaped cookie cutter to make 12 stars. I then used a knife to make 4 different sized green circles. I then made circles with the orange and pink fondant that I put back. Now I have 12 fondant circles.

9)The white fondant I rolled into grape sized balls. I will use these to decorate the bottom of each tier.

10)With the remaining orange, pink, and green fondant cut approx. 6 inch length stripes for the bottom layer. 2 stripes for each color, 1 wide and 1 skinny stripe.

To decorate:

1)Brush the back of each circle with a little bit of water to help them stick to the fondant. Scatter the circles on the very top of the cake.

2)Next, brush the backs of the green stars with water and line them on the 2nd cake tier. The stars will be very close together, sides touching.

3)Next, brush the backs of the stripes with water and put them vertically on the bottom cake, spread out. I put a large colored stripe next to a different colored skinny stripe.

4)Line the white balls around the bottom on the 2nd tier and 1st tier. They will look like a pearl necklace.

5)Pull the flower heads off of the stems and put a few around the bottom of the 2nd tier and one on top of the cake. Line the rest at the bottom of the cake.

6)Lastly put your candles on top!

Adriel’s eyes just gleamed when she saw her cake! All of our guests were amazed by this cake and want me to do all of their kids’ birthday cakes from now on! Although there seems to be alot of steps to making this, it’s really a piece of cake!

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by: sajitha

very nice cake, it is very bright and pretty.all kids should like it

I love this!

by: Anonymous

The cake is so cute! My daughters 9th birthday is coming up this month and i’ve been looking around for cakes but no one has had an iCarly one. So I started looking at themed cakes but nothing really stood out. I kept searching and was lucky enough to come across yours. Thanks so much for sharing this. My daughter is so excited at the idea of having this for her birthday!


by: Anonymous

I was drawn to this page because my little one’s name is Adriel too! LOVE the cake!


by: Anonymous

I really love this cake! This cake is so colorful and unique. You’ve done an awesome job making this cake!

Creative and beautiful cake

by: Nic

Wow Alicia

What a fabulous cake and even better because it was created all out of your own imagination. I can see why all the other parents are lining you up to be their cake-baker!!

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