Baby Rump Cake

Baby Rump Cake

by Michaela Rodriguez

(Imperial, MO)

Boy Baby Rump Cake

Boy Baby Rump Cake

I used the half ball pan (or you can use a Pyrex bowl) to make the baby’s bottom.

Cover the rump in icing and then white fondant. The baby bottom is on top of a 12 inch round cake (to feed more people).

I used the cake scraps from the round cake to make the legs.

I carved them to be rounded, then covered the legs in icing and then flesh colored fondant.

I formed the feet out of rice krispy treats, covered them in thick fondant and made fondant toes.I then used a knife to make indentations in the feet as wrinkles.

I rolled out some fondant and decorated it for the blanket, then just placed it on top of the rump.

I frilled a small piece of white fondant and placed it along the top of the leg to look like diaper frill.

It is normal when you are finished to find yourself talking to the little tyke. I couldn’t help myself!

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Aug 07, 2011

Baby Rump Cake

by: Venus

I was wondering if you had to put dowles and a cake board under the baby’s bottom? Also can the lower tier be all frosting with no fondant and just make the baby’s bottom in fondant? Or would that be too heavy for the lower tier? One more question, on the lower tier can I use strawberry filling? Please let me know, I appreciate your help! My email is [email protected] Thank you!!! Very adorable cake!

Apr 13, 2011

colored fondue

by: Janet

How did you get flesh colored fondue? or where do you get it.

Mar 01, 2011

Help me.

by: Anonymous

Love this cake. Wish you were close I would pay you to make me one for my daughter’s baby shower. contact me if you would be able to help me out for April 9th. My email is [email protected] Thanks

Sep 06, 2010


by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you add dowels to the bottom cake for stability? or do you just stack it?
thanks 🙂 it is a beautiful cake! if you could give me any other directions it would be great!

Mar 27, 2010

Absouletly adorable,

by: Anonymous

I am attempting to make this – I made the mistake of putting a strawberry mousse in the middle as a filling, so the cake is Soggy. I will have to re-bake. Thanks for sharing this – my Friends wife loved it at first sight.
Cross finger that it turns out to look like something other than a mess.!!

Feb 09, 2010

what kind of cake

by: Anonymous

what type of cake did you use pound or regular cake mix?

Jul 18, 2009

Flesh colour?

by: Julie

Stunning cake!!
I would just like to know how you got the colour for the legs and feet.


May 22, 2009


by: Anonymous

This has to be the cutiest cake I have ever seen!!! Love it!!!!

Mar 24, 2009

Baby Bottom Cake – to sweet to eat!

by: Rachel

This new baby cake is so gorgeous, and realistic, that I can’t believe it was actually cut up and eaten.

Great job!!

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