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Welcome to our Baby Signing Journal at Kids Fun and Games where we are keeping a running journal of our daughter’s progress learning sign language, as well as-

  • Teaching you a new sign each visit.
  • Keeping you up to date with baby signing in the news
  • Any great baby signing products we find, we’ll be sure to let you know about them here too!

We welcome and value your feedback. Please visit the suggestions page to leave your comments or pictures of your little ones learning to sign.

April 12 Plenty of Progress

introduced some basic signs to our 14 month old about 6 weeks ago. To
get started we purchased a great little book for babies and toddlers illustrated by Annie Kubler,
called ‘Baby’s First Signs’. It is a board book with
illustrations of about 20-30 signs that you might like to use as the
starting point for your baby. It has been a great resource to get us up
and running.

We have learnt and used most of the signs in the
book and are now using the online dictionary to find new words that are
relevant to us. Having a birthday party last week we learnt the sign for
balloon as she was fascinated by them.

** The Sign Balloon
place both hands to mouth, as if you were about to blow a balloon, now
pretend to blow and let your hands expand as the imaginary balloon fills
with air. Easy isn’t it!

that our daughter has so far signed to us- milk, more, bath, book and
hot. Pretty exciting, now I just need to capture it with some pictures.

April 13 And the List Grows..

I am still not fast enough on the camera but we are all having heaps of
fun with this. My daughter is an age where she will try to put just
about anything on her head in an attempt to be a hat. I thought that we
had better track down the sign, so here it is…

** The Sign Hat– tap one flat hand onto your head.
This one is a no-brainer! You kind of knew it already didn’t you? I told you baby signing was easy!

April 18 A Sign Of The Times

An article in Harborough Today
in the U.K. discusses the merits of teaching baby signing- starting
with babies as young as six months. The most interesting point I gleaned
from the article was the use and the importance of the signs for ‘sick’
or ‘hurt’. I have had a child sick with an ear infection and it is a
terrible feeling as a parent to know there is something wrong but to not
be able to work out what it is.
Anyhow, so here is the sign…

** The Sign Hurt
Open hands shake up and down in front of chest. Point to body part
affected. (There are various signs that can be used for this feeling-
refer to the online dictionaries for help- see Getting Started)

April 23 Going Fruity!

week we have been learning some fruits as our daughter loves eating
fruit, especially pears and bananas. We’ve picked up a few different
signs all at once but the easiest one to remember has got to be for a
banana, and what baby doesn’t love banana? Here is the sign…

** The Sign Banana
Point the index finger of one hand up (this is your banana) and use the
fingers of the other hand to literally ‘peel’ your banana. Just like
how you would do it if you had the real thing! This is what I love about
signing- so many of the signs are intuitive making it easy to learn and
remember so many of the simple signs that we teach to babies.

(For more fruity signs – refer to the online dictionaries for help- scroll to the bottom of Getting Started)

May 10 A Signing Explosion

baby signing the word 'food'

the past few weeks we have seen our daughter using signs in a much more
consistent manner. It seems that she constantly has a hand up to her
mouth telling us that she wants something to eat, and with any luck she
also knows the sign for the food to make my life even easier!

She has
also started using two signs together, again usually food related. She
signs, ‘more food’, and ‘balloon pop’. If you haven’t yet learnt the
sign for food then it’s a valuable one to teach babies. Here is the

** The Sign Food– Hold all of the fingers of one hand together (like
you have a piece of food in your hand) and put your fingers up to your
lips. Another fairly easy and intuitive sign that is easy to learn and

May 16    Anyone for Banana?

I finally managed to get my hands on the camera and caught my daughter
signing the word ‘banana’. The sign is usually accompanied by the words
‘nana’, so it is not just the signing that is developing, plenty of
language generally accompanies any attempts at signing.

signing the word 'banana'

have been introducing less new signs this week, but I taught her the
signs for shoes and socks during the week while we were looking at a
board book. I must say I was amazed when she signed ‘shoes’ right back
at me after only being shown it two times prior. I am constantly amazed
at how intelligent toddlers are, and there so much of it that I would
not know if my daughter did not sign.

Anyhow, the sign for shoe/shoes is a nice easy one that you can use when you’re getting ready to head out for the day.

** The Sign Shoe
Hold both of your hands flat in front of you and make two fists. These
are your shoes! Now tap them together at the thumbs, just like tapping
your two heels together when wearing shoes.

signing the word 'apple'

June 21     The Joy of Signing

having a child who is able to sign her most basic needs, I can’t
imagine how I got by with my first daughter who I did not have the
pleasure of signing with, although she does love signing with us now.

don’t for a second claim to have a child who doesn’t have tantrums, or
other crazed behaviour that 16 month old kids display, but just to know
when she is hungry, wants a drink, or needs a nappy change, makes a
mom’s life SO much less stressful! Even if you only take the time to
learn 10-15 signs you’ll gain so much pleasure from being able to
effectively communicate with your child.

If you’re anything like
me, you’ll become hooked and want to learn more and more signs as your
child’s interests grow. My kids just love fruit so here’s another one of
our favorites- apple. Younger kids will develop their own unique
versions of slightly harder signs, but the sign combined with the sound
“a, a, a”, will have you knowing pretty quickly what they want.

** The Sign Apple
Twist the knuckle of your forefinger by the side of your mouth. The
cheek represents the apple and the knuckle represents the stem that is
twisted out when someone eats an apple.

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