Baby Sign Language

How Signing Benefits Babies

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If you’re considering teaching your baby sign language then don’t be put off by the fact that you have no prior knowledge of signing. Starting with infants is simple, one word at a time…

and more parents are teaching their babies sign language as it becomes
more evident that babies can sign before they can talk.
Think you’re ready to start right now, great! If you need some more convincing of the benefits, read on..

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Why Should I Teach My Baby Sign Language?

By the age of 12
months most babies have said their first words and can understand many
more words in spoken language but they have not yet mastered the skills
to verbalize their own thoughts.

is where baby signing can play a vital role. We already sign with our
children, using finger plays, waving bye bye and many other intuitive
hand signals that do not come from any formal signing system.

allows babies to communicate from a younger age, reducing frustration
and tantrums on the part of the child. This in turn means that the
parent/carer is better able to meet the needs and wants of the child. Parent-child
bonding is also said to be enhanced by the close interaction with the
parent(s) spending time positively interacting with the baby as they
teach them to sign.

Pros and Cons

There is ongoing hot
debate about whether teaching a baby sign language is of benefit. Some experts are concerned that the use of signing takes priority over
parents talking to their kids. On the other hand parents rave about
having children who are calmer and speak earlier than their non signing

the definitive answer, parents should not feel guilty for not taking
their kids to baby signing classes. Even without signing in the past we
have managed to communicate with our babies. Learning a few basic signs
might be all you need to help your baby in times of frustration. If you
want help in teaching your baby to sign, there are a good range of DVDs available to help you.

In our house we have found signing to be an enjoyable activity that we
undertake as a family. Anything that allows us to spend more time
together (with the tv off!) is a plus in my book.

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