Baby Toys and Games

Baby Toys and Games

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The key factor when selecting baby toys is to make sure they are safe and especially made for babies and infants. At this age the toys will be explored by hands and mouth, tugged, sucked, thrown and generally mistreated so choosing quality, durable toys is well worth the effort.

Baby toys should encourage play that promotes development whether it be physical, intellectual, social or emotional. Baby toys are especially designed to stimulate them in all the right ways just to make them brighter babies!

Baby toys need to be especially durable- preferably washable or easily cleaned. No detachable (or breakable) parts which could be put into mouths, nostrils or ears. Always read the labels on toys as they give a suggested age range for use of the toy- this is especially important with children under the age of one as toys beyond their age could be unsafe or downright dangerous for them to play with.

**TIP- Playing with your baby is just as important as any amount of money you could spend buying lavish toys.

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Baby Toys 0-6 months

In the first weeks of life a baby’s vision is still developing and it has been found that they respond best to black and white toys, mobiles and books. In the months that follow, our recommended baby toys include-

  • Brightly colored board/material/textured books
  • Rattles– material or plastic

Whoozit Tuck and Pull Rattle by Manhattan Toy
has cute hidden squeakers and rattles as well as soft stars and circles that can be tucked in and pulled out. A mirror encourages self-discovery – everything to stimulate your baby’s senses.

Whoozit Tuck and Pull Rattle- the ultimate baby toy!

  • Washable Soft Toys and Blocks– preferably with smiley faces (not anything filled with beans or beads that has not been especially designed for babies)

Award winning
Mind Shapes by Manhattan Toy
are the original high-contrast graphic toys for infants. They help babies with early visual and multi-sensory development, encouraging babies to look, touch, and listen. Each easy-to-carry shape has a noisemaker and a medley of research-correct graphics and textures.

Mind Shapes baby toys by Manhattan Toy

  • Mobile– for above the cot or change table
  • Playgym– with hanging toys, different textures and materials
  • Mirrors– in a playgym or special baby safe mirrors

Color Burst Mirror
can be propped up on the floor using its integrated stand, or attached securely to a crib or other surface with ties. It features bright graphics all around the reflection to make self-discovery even more fun!

Color Burst Mirror baby toy by Manhattan Toy.

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