Barney Birthday Cake

Barney Birthday Cake

by T. Overton

(E Windsor, NJ )

Some kids still love BARNEY!

Some kids still love BARNEY!

To make the Barney Birthday Cake I used a Wilton cake pan for Barney’s shape. I baked a red velvet cake and then added some blue coloring so that the cake itself was purple. Once cooled, I crumb coated it in white and then did Barney’s outline in black.

The pan was made in 1993 so it didn’t have decorating instructions. I started with the black outline, then filled in the green belly using a basket weave tip (smooth side). I then smoothed it with a flat knife to fill into the corners. Next was the purple. Again, using the basket weave tip, I added the purple and smoothed with the flat knife. A toothpick was used to gently spread icing into any corners that were hard to reach.

The hardest part was getting the icing Purple enough. I found that Barney is mostly Real Red with a few touches of Blue.

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barney’s fave fan!

by: Anonymous

i love your new friend!

great job

by: Anonymous

I just found the same cake pan on ebay lol… my son is OBSSESSED with barney..
I managed to find barney party supplies online and his party is only two weeks away and im trying to figure this barney cake thing out…
Lol, i am NO baker so im hoping i can manage to make it look somewhat decent lol…u did a WONDERFUL job!!! =)

Barney Cake Pan

by: T. Overton

No. The pan is discontinued. I searched my local freecycle group for someone who happened to have one laying around. This pan was made in 1993. I had to drive 40 mins and trade a newer “cars” tin for it. Anything for my baby! ha!

Thanks for that!!

Beautiful Barney Cake

by: Jo

This Barney cake is gorgeous!

Is this cake tin still available? I would love to make one.

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