Easy Boys Halloween Costumes

It’s always worth being on the look out
for easy boys Halloween costumes that aren’t too fussy, are cheap to make,
and of course are going to make your child look cool as well as

Go Potty

With the arrival of
Harry Potter- wizards, Potter look-a-likes and all things magic are back
in fashion. Mr Potter himself is pretty easy with the basic look
achieved with a pair of round spectacles and a long black cape. I have
made a simple cape for my kids (without a sewing machine!) See instructions.


stressing over the whole lycra-suit effect, a super hero can be achieved
again with the trusty cape, perhaps made in red or bright blue,
depending on the superhero of course. The not-so-secret accessory is the
eye mask which you can either make with colored card and elastic or buy
from just about any craft store for a couple of dollars.

Old Fashioned Pirate

A pirate is
a great and stress free costume because it can generally be made
without having to go and buy a whole lot of stuff! The basics are a big
white shirt- fashioned at the waist with a scarf or length of material
and black pants. A pirate hat, or otherwise another bandana, tied up at
the nape of the neck.

Accessories can include a vest, sword,
parrot, telescope, some pirate treasure and some pirate stubble- if your
child will sit still long enough for you to dot a whole lot of brown
eyeliner onto their face!

Face-paint Fun

your child is not keen on wearing a costume they might prefer to have
all of the effort go into areally dramatic face to make them look
completely ghoulish! To finish a monstery face they can just put on
their favoriteblack clothes- no fuss necessary over ‘daggy costumes’!

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