Bulldozer / Truck Dirt cake

Bulldozer / Truck Dirt cake

by Rose


Triplets Truck birthday cakes

Triplets Truck birthday cakes

Every little boy loves bulldozers, trucks and dirt. So it was no surprise when my five year old asked for a dirt cake.

I thought how hard could that be. I first went to the toy store and purchased a dump truck for the top of the cake.

As this was a party for triplets I choose to bake a small cake for him. (I after all had to bake three different cakes)

After baking I used white icing to ice the cake. I have a close friend that is great with cakes and she helped with the film on the front.

For the top I used crumbled up Oreo cookies, placed the dump truck in the center. and liked the outside with candles.

The dirt cake was the hit of the party!

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