Butterfly and Spring Flower Cake

Butterfly and Spring Flower Cake

by Shirley Fisher

(San Antonio, TX)

Hailey's 1st Birthday Cake

Hailey’s 1st Birthday Cake

Flower and Butterfly Cake

I made the larger cake with a yellow butter recipe cake mix and a buttercream icing. Using a Wilton large square pan, I carved the large flower shape. I used a star tip to cover the cake in the colors of orange, pink and yellow. A large round tip was used to make the dots in the center of the yellow part of the flower. The butterfly was made from fondant. I drew a wing design and cut the fondant (approx 1/4″ thick) using this pattern. I let the fondant dry for a day so it would be a little dry and would not bend or “flop” easily. I rolled a cylinder of fondant to make the body of the butterfly. I used skewer sticks and toothpicks to attach the butterfly wings to the body and then anchor the piece on the cake. I used a small star tip to decorate the butterfly and used a writing tip to outline it with chocolate icing. I cut 3 leaves out of dyed fondant and used these to write out “happy birthday Hailey” on them and place them on the side of the cake.

Of course, this picture was taken after Hailey’s big brother had sampled some of the icing from the wing of the butterfly!

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by: Monica

What a great mom you are! And a real artist too!
I’m so impressed. I hope that everyone knows how much work and love went into your beautiful creation! God Bless You and happy birthday Haley!!! 🙂

Shirley Fisher

by: JoAnn

Beautiful Cake! Wondering, are you the same Shirley Fisher who decorates and sells cakes in Austin, Texas. I tried to call you and your number had changed.

Please let me know.

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