Cheap Christmas Decoration Ideas

Easy Xmas Crafts for Kids To Make

If you’re looking for cheap Christmas decoration ideas to make with the kids this year, then we have some great crafty ideas, many using felt, wooden beads and other household items that most of us have lying around the house. 

Cheap Christmas decoration ideas - felt trees and birdies quick and easy craft activity for kids.

Felt Xmas trees and birdies – quick and easy Christmas craft activity for kids.

If you have younger kids, simple Christmas crafts can include stringing some beads, or making some easy paper snowflakes

If your kids are a bit older and can handle scissors and a needle then these new crafts that we have been trying this year make gorgeous homemade Christmas ornaments that you can hang at home, use to make your own Christmas garland, or wrap up nicely to give as unique handcrafted Christmas gifts.

Felt Christmas Trees

These lovely little felt Christmas decorations only take about half and hour to make and only need a couple of materials. 

You’ll Need

small pieces of felt – whatever colors match your decor

contrasting cotton 

sequins, small beads, buttons

cushion filling / scraps of wool

thicker thread or ribbon for hanging

Simple Christmas craft for kids- felt Xmas trees

Simple Xmas Craft – felt Christmas trees

Cut out matching Christmas tree shapes. While they are still two separate pieces sew on some sequins and beads to decorate. Once decorated, match the two trees together and use the contrasting cotton to stitch around the outside. You can do a blanket stitch if your kids know how to (it does look neater), or they practice their dolphin stitch (in and out). 

To do the hanging thread (the bit that will hang their ornament off the tree). I just cut a piece of ribbon and formed it into a loop and placed the end inside the two trees and then stitched over the top. Just before you finish stitching all the way around, stuff your tree with padding/stuffing, and then complete stitching the trees together. 

Christmas Craft Owls and Birdies  

We spotted these somewhere and seeing as I had a whole bag of varied nuts from Thanksgiving, thought they looked very cute and worth trying. 

You’ll Need

  • Almonds in their shell
  • Colored felt
  • Contrasting cotton
  • Thicker cotton for the hanging thread
  • Twigs
  • PVA/Wood glue
felt birdie Christmas decorations

Cute birds and owls – all you need is felt and whole almond shells.

Cut out two matching pieces of felt to look like the hat, so that they are just slightly wider than the nuts you have. Stitch the pieces of felt together using either a blanket stitch or dolphin stich.

To firmly attach the hanging loop (to hang the ornament off the tree)  I tie a loop with a few knots, place it in between the two felt pieces and then stitch it into the final product. This ensures that the loop will be strong when it gets tugged on, as all christmas decorations will, as well as looking much neater that trying to stitch something on after finishing the bird. 

Don’t forget to leave the bottom seam open so you can put the hat on your nut. Glue the hat on, and glue on a beak out of felt. 

Once the glue has dried on the felt you can put on eyes (we used white out and permanent marker) and glue the bottom of the nut onto the twig to give your birdie a perch. Allow to dry and hang on the tree!

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