Child Birthday Game

Indoor Games with Food, Blindfolds, and Fun

you are searching for a child birthday game that allows children to
play for fun rather than competition then look no further.

following indoor party games do not require any special levels of skill
or physical ability and can be adjusted to suit a particular theme, you
just need to think of a crazy new name for them! They can also be played outside in good weather.

**TIP – Some
of the games involving food have the potential to be quite messy and
may need to be played on a surface that can be easily cleaned.

Kids Party Games

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The Chocolate Game
Sit children in a circle around a chopping board, a block of chocolate, a knife and fork, a
pair of gloves and a hat. The children take turns throwing a die with the object to throw a six. Upon throwing a six the player has to put on the gloves and hat and start eating the chocolate piece by piece using the knife and fork. Once another six is thrown, the new player removes the gloves and hat from the previous and continues the game.

A child birthday game that all kids adore!

No Paws Allowed
Put a whole apple on a paper plate in front of each child on the ground. The children have
to kneel in front of their plate with their hands behind their backs and eat the apple without using their hands.
If you don’t mind the mess, the game can be played with chocolate mousse, jelly…

Another way to involve the party kids is to have them help in the
preparation of their own party food. You can prepare the ingredients and
have them make their own special mini party pizzas. Another idea is to
provide cream, chopped nuts, marshmallows..and so on, so they can
decorate their own green jelly swamp.

Blindfold Drawings
Give each blindfolded player a piece of paper and pencil and ask them to draw a subject
that is related to the party’s theme. When they have finished, ask for some extra additions- a flower in a button hole of a clown, a pom-pom on his hat. The winning picture is the one voted the funniest by the group. A good wind down game after lots of activity.

**TIP- Games involving
blindfolds are better suited to children who are aged 4 and above. Most
children under this age are a little frightened by having a blindfold
on, while some may refuse altogether.

Squeak Piggy Squeak!
Children sit on chairs in a room. One child is blindfolded, turned around a few times and
given a cushion. Other players sit as quietly as possible. He has to find a person, sit on their lap and call out ‘Squeak Piggy Squeak!’. The child makes a piggy noise and if the blind player guesses who it is then they change places.
The children can rearrange their places and the location of their chairs before the game

One child is blindfolded and given a rolled newspaper to hold. She sits in the middle of a
circle made by the other children. In front of her is a pile of treasure- necklaces, coins, bracelets. The children each have a turn at trying to steal a piece of treasure. If the blindfoldeed child hears a thief she swipe with the newspaper and calls ”Thief! Thief!” If the thief is touched the they must return to their place empty-handed and wait for their next turn. The aim is that all the children will finish the game with at least one piece of treasure.

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