Indoor Party Games

A Mix Of Kids Indoor Party Activities – Quiet and Loud

circus party

Kids indoor party games
are generally used as a wind down from more strenuous activities but if
you have a big enough space there are many active party games that can
still be played inside.

those of us living in cooler (or wetter) climates, child indoor party
games may be the only option available, in which case a mix of
boisterous and quieter party games is recommended.

inside party games involve food; imaginative ways of eating it or
preparing it, that will kids love- the messier the better! The Chocolate
Game is one that even I remember playing at parties. (It really must have been around FOREVER!!)

are team games that allow children to work together- some quite active
while others require more brain power, Charades as an example.

can be a good way to start a party, children can decorate a party hat
or loot bag/ favor bag. It allows for children to arrive at different
times and they can mingle with each other without the pressure of going
straight into a game with children that they may not know.

Types of Indoor Party Games

Inside party games can be split into individual games, team games or crafts.

  • Individual-Individual games
    can come in many shapes and sizes and may or may not produce a winner.
    For younger children a clapping or singing game while sat in a circle
    will delight, while older kids will have fun with The Chocolate Game or No Paws Allowed . Traditional favourites like musical chairs and a treasure hunt can be played indoors or outside.
  • Teams- Indoor team games can involve a quiz or miming game to really allow children to settle down. More active options like Hat and Scarf or Clothes Swap have children jumping in and out of clothes as part of different challenges.
  • Crafts-A craft activity
    can give children something special to take home- a hat decorated to
    the theme of the party, a necklace or model that can be kept as a
    reminder of the day long after the birthday cake has been eaten. 
    Another very simple crafty activity, especially suitable for younger children is coloring- everyone can color at their own pace, but enjoy sitting a table together. If you need printables, we have more than a few for you to print off!

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