Child Birthday Party Games

Kids Outdoor Party Games

outdoor child birthday party games - pinata

Aside from the cake and
goodies it’s the child birthday party games that the kids get excited
about at birthday parties.

Outdoor party games are ideal as they get the
kids outside where they can burn off some of that party excitement.

From having a swing at a
pinata, balancing their way through an egg and spoon race, or skipping
and hopping to follow the leader, there are a huge range of fun and
simple kids outside party games to choose from.

Types of Outdoor Party Games

Kids outdoor party games can be divided into three main categories:

Races- This includes child birthday party games like a three legged race, sack race, or an egg and spoon race. There are many options and they can be slightly varied to suit a particular theme.

These party favorites are definitely an outdoors party game. Great for
building excitement as the kids get their turn to let all those lollies
loose! Pinatas can be bought in many shapes and sizes or you can make one at home.

Everyone Wins-
For children who are not particularly athletic or for younger children
it is good to have a selection of birthday party games where there are
no winners or losers. Also great for parties where you do not want to
constantly be giving out prizes.

Games like follow the leader, a treasure hunt or blowing bubbles.

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