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During a birthday party the child group games bring everyone together for some fun spirited competition. The key with group games is just that, to maintain the happy energy of the party rather than place too much emphasis on winning, or losing.

A way around this is to play group games but not offer prizes. Moving quickly from one game into the next helps maintain a flow and perhaps all of the children can get a small reward or treat at the end for ‘good gamesmanship’ or something along those lines to acknowledge their participation.

Divide the children into two teams (or more). Each team writes words, phrases, book, movie or television titles for the other team to act out. All suggestions go into a hat, one for each team, and are chosen at random.
Agree on gestures for ‘sounds like’ or how many syllables a word contains but the only compulsory rule is that the actor cannot speak. Most words need to be broken into their syllables. Team members yell out suggestions until they get it right.
Game can be played non-competetively, prizes for the most imaginative, most energetic or can be played where each side gets 5 minutes (with a list of clues to work through) and whoever gets the most points wins.

Trivia Quiz
You will need to prepare the quiz prior to the party. Relate the questions to the party theme and make sure they suit the age group- with some questions being quite simple while others can be harder. Divide the group into two teams and allow them 30 seconds on each question to consult amongst the group. This game can be played individually or in pairs as well.

Surprise Sentences
The object of this game is for each team to write a grammatical sentence without any planning. Divide the children into two teams. Each team lines up in front of a large sheet of paper. You can place a word in the middle of each page, suited to the party theme if you want to or the first child can choose the first word. The first word is written in the middle of the page so that when the pen is passed to the second child he can then add a word either above or below to continue the sentence. The game continues, without talking, until each player has added a word. The winning team either has a complete sentence or the funniest sentence.

Pass The Orange
Divide the kids into two teams and have them facing each other in a line. Each team sits on the ground with their hands behind their backs. The first child in each line is given an orange to cradle in his feet. He has to pass it to the next player without it touching the ground. If the orange falls it needs to begin from the start again.

Hat and Scarf
In this group game the children form two teams with each being provided with a coat, hat scarf and gloves. The teams line up behind their leaders with the clothes being placed on a chair in front of each team. On the signal the first player has to put on the items, run around the team and return to the starter position. The 2nd player then does the same. The first team to finish with the clothes put back on the chair is the winner.

Necklace Race
The children are divided into pairs and each given a needle, length of heavy thread and a saucer of 12 beads at the opposite end of the room. At the signal the child with the needle and thread need to tie a large knot at the end of the thread and thread the needle ready for the beads. At the same time the runner picks up two beads and brings them back. The 1st child has to thread the beads while his partner goes to collect another two beads. Once all of the beads have been threaded, the needle is removed and the necklace tied around his partners neck. The game is won by the 1st to finish.

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